AFC Bournemouth increase sponsorship revenue by 10% within the first 3 months using the
AoC Sponsorship Management Tool (SMT)

As Art of Cloud continues to to build traction in the sports sector we are pleased to present AFC Bournemouth as a shining example of how to utilise Salesforce technology to massively improve how the club obtains sponsors as well as retains them with the Sponsorship Management Tool. For those who are perhaps unaware of AFC Bournemouth, they are an English, Premiership football side with an impressive history – and a loyal and growing, personal and corporate fan base..

The Challenge

When we first began speaking to the team at AFC Bournemouth, we had a chance to understand the frustrations of their internal teams:

  • Using a mixture of systems including ZenDesk (to sell partnerships) and Kore (to manage sponsors)
  • Separate systems for Lead Gen and Activation which was slowing their progress
  • Manually typing information from one system into the other which was causing errors and wasting time
  • Reporting manually in excel as they couldn’t extract reports from the siloed systems they were using
  • Couldn’t automatically track activity or generate tasks from within either system
  • Wasting money with multiple licenses for every team member

Art of Cloud immediately put together a demonstration of what an ideal situation could look like and having remedied this problem before for other clubs, knew exactly what would resonate with the team.

The Solution

  • Implementation of Sales Cloud tailored for the sports sector 
  • Install the AoC Sponsorship Management Tool
  • Sports-specific reporting automation
  • Custom product configuration
  • Work with all key stakeholders
  • Close ongoing relationship with the club

The Results

  • Streamline opportunity management leading to a 10% increase in sponsorship revenue within the first 3 months of using the system
  • Drastically improved Sponsor Retention Rate
  • Automatic data sharing, task logging and reminder settings save the team an hour per day each
  • Automated reports stretching across the entire department which incorporated multiple business functions generated automatically and refreshed in real-time
  • Massively improved the data quality of the department meaning greater confidence in reported figures and forecasts
  • Better management and visibility of key performance data
  • Clarity into the deliverables of a sponsorship contract
  • Visual dashboards that clearly show the delivery status of assets within a contract
"Art of Cloud was a joy to work with from the start. They worked hard to understand every aspect of our business and working processes - then used this granular detail to build us a platform that served all of our needs. We saw real, commercial results almost immediately and are looking forward to greater success with Art of Cloud’s ongoing support. "