Strengthening the foundations to grow higher and faster

Capitalise provides an easy way for businesses to access lenders and compare their products using the capitalise platform. Capital can help secure jobs, build stronger foundations, try new ideas. They want to rethink how business is funded in this country… and that starts by acknowledging that capital can be a force for good for SME’s around the world.

The Challenge

Capitalise are in growth mode. They’re set to take the sector by storm and revolutionise the lending market by offering their application which connects lenders with SME’s in need of funding via accountants. Salesforce had been integrated with the Capitalise app, but had lost some of its ability to perform as a superior sales tool and needed whipping back into shape.¬†

The Solution

  • Re-structure the Org
  • Establish a Sales process
  • Liaise with stakeholders to understand KPI’s and reflect this inside the system
  • Alterations of the standard layouts to service industry specific requirements
  • Implement on-boarding process tool to identify key stages when on-boarding accountants
  • On-going support and regular visits to keep improving the skill level of key individuals

The Results

  • Increase visibility of new customer performance
  • Increased Salesperson productivity
  • Salesforce now set up for rapid team growth
  • Visibility of the inner workings of the business both on the road and in the office
  • Increased collaboration using Chatter
  • Accurate forecasting¬†
  • Department-wide communication about specific opportunities to increase win rate
  • Vastly improved reporting to allow intelligent business decisions
"Michael and the team have been fantastic on this project and I would highly recommend Art of Cloud."