Flying high with Salesforce & Pardot

Coptrz are straight-talking drone experts that exist to build your organisation a 360° drone solution that saves money, reduces risk and improves business efficiency (just like Art of Cloud really…)

Coptrz have revolutionised the drone technology industry, changing the way organisations operate with strategic solutions for over 1000 major companies including Police & Fire Services, BMW & Pfizer. Partnered with some of the biggest names in the sector, Coptrz are the industry leaders in offering impartial, tactical business solutions.

The Challenge

Coptrz originally implemented Sales Cloud and Pardot back in 2017. Since then the needs of the business have evolved thanks to the stratospheric growth driven by strong leadership. However,  the stagnant implementation of Salesforce was hindering their ability to continue to grow at the same pace.

A three phase health check was carried out, in order to prioritise areas of improvement and feature adoption. This identified several potential roadblocks. Salesforce and Pardot were already implemented, but were not optimal. The initial implementation was no longer fit for purpose and didn’t support current marketing initiatives. Additionally, the way Pardot was setup wasn’t making the best use of the prospect database they had, leaving revenue on the table.

The Solution

  • Better alignment between Salesforce and Pardot
  • An MQL process that ensured sales got the leads that met their ICP
  • A total revamp of their scoring and grading process
  • Data cleansing across the customer database and campaigns within Pardot
  • Creating marketing assets that progressively collected prospect data for a fuller understanding of their prospects needs
  • Provide training to staff members to fully utilise features

The Results

  • A 53% increase in net new revenue in just one month!
  • More data from prospects leading to a richer prospect database to work with
  • The sales team’s time focused purely on their ideal prospect, leading to the increased revenue seen in one month
  • An alignment between Salesforce and Pardot that is built with the future in mind, no longer siloed.
"It’s pretty rare to come across a consultancy that doesn’t try to bamboozle you with jargon and technical wizardry. Art of Cloud are straight talking Salesforce experts. They keep things simple, going above and beyond to make sure we have a system that supports us and our users can adopt with minimal fuss. I don’t know about you but that’s the type of consultancy I want to work with!”