Data Protection People: Out with the old, in with the new

Data Protection People are a fast growing (you guessed it) Data Protection, Governance and Information Security organisation based in Leeds. They’re specialists in working with organisations across Europe to secure their most important asset – their data. 

The Challenge

Data Protection People had a heavily customised legacy service process which wasn’t suitable for the customer support team to use. As such they were resorting to using a manual process. This was working fine until a change in government legislation caused a boom in business and a significant increase in case load and complexity.

The Solution

  • Removal of existing complex legacy process
  • Re-implement standard ServiceCloud functionality
  • Upgrade from Classic to Lightning Experience
  • Streamline entire service process
  • Automate internal and external notification emails
  • Activate an approval process for complex case responses

The Results

  • Manual process is now completely digitised inside Salesforce utilising all available functionality
  • Real time visibility is increased which will eventually improve the sales-to-service handoff
  • All case information resides inside Salesforce
  • Automation of key areas has decreased admin time
  • Simple triage and instant case allocation process
  • Approval process associated to complex cases now digitised
"Art of cloud really helped us to distil our support service processes into a workable lightning solution that not only made our service more responsive for the customer, but also assisted us in handling the queries more efficiently. We are currently going through a phase of rapid growth and so it really helped to have Ben and Michael on hand to help manage us through the process whilst we were handling the influx of new queries."