Using Salesforce to 'tackle' poor user experience

Just in case you do in fact live under a rock… or perhaps just aren’t a fan of Rugby – The Tigers are a professional rugby union club based in the UK at a stadium called Mattioli Woods Welford Road. They compete in the Premiership (England’s top division of Rugby) and have won this title more than any other club in Britain – 10 times. Many of the club’s players represent England on the international stage. Founded in 1880, Tigers remain one of the largest and most successful clubs in England and arguably, the world.

The Challenge

When Tigers first started speaking to us, their current system and processes were hampering the team’s ability to maximise potential opportunities due to their process being quite fragmented. The sales people had to dip into multiple data sources to gain an accurate picture on the prospective sponsor or customer.

Activity tracking wasn’t automated or centrally recorded which meant that sometimes efforts were overlapped. 

Combined with the elongated process and poor user experience the team’s final challenge was collating data into a useable format to enable accurate reporting. 

After our initial discovery sessions and demonstrations Art of Cloud understood what Leicester Tigers needed was a system that was going to HELP and not HINDER the teams efforts and called upon their experience within the sports sector to pull a suitable solution together.

The Solution

  • Rapid Implementation of Sales Cloud tailored for the sports sector and sponsorship and hospitality sales
  • The rollout of Inbox for email tracking
  • Einstein Activity Capture for automating tracking of activity
  • Sports specific reporting automation
  • Custom product configuration
  • Work with key stakeholders to understand KPI’s and reflect this inside the system
  • Alterations of the standard layouts to service industry specific requirements of the Sports sector
  • A start-to-finish solution in less than 2 months

The Results

  • Streamlined sales funnel
  • Increased engagement internally as well as externally with current and potential customers
  • Greatly improved user experience which vastly increased user adoption ensuring a better return on Salesforce investment
  • Automatic linking of  email activity 
  • Better lead qualification and segmentation to increase success rates and identify ‘low hanging fruit’
  • Better management and visibility of key performance data
  • Eliminating data silo’s from disparate systems
  • Ability to target and track high value accounts
  • Real time visibility into team performance
"It's clear that Art of Cloud understands the sports industry. Our sales process is now tailored perfectly to our needs as evidenced by the increase in recent new sponsors. The Art of Cloud team as a whole was a pleasure to deal with and their attitude to new ideas was a breath of fresh air. We're looking forward to discussing phase 2 and how we can manage our commercial activities with Salesforce!"