A Salesforce Match Made in Heaven - Delivering Streamlined Premiership Processing for Northampton Saints

As Art of Cloud continues to to build traction in the sports sector we are pleased to present Northampton Saints as a shining example of how to utilise Salesforce technology to massively improve how the club obtains sponsors with Sales Cloud. Northampton Saints are one of the UK’s oldest and best known professional rugby union sides, competing at Premiership level.

The Challenge

As one of the Premiership’s top clubs, Northampton Saints enjoys a great relationship with fans, customers and partners. But a lack of centralisation and integration meant their system wasn’t working as hard as it could.

Our Art of Cloud audit identified key areas to address:

  • A lack of precise data capture
  • No single source of truth to make data informed decisions
  • No automated activity tracking
  • No dynamic reporting in place for senior management
  • Capturing Data in Excel which lead to errors

Art of Cloud immediately put together a demonstration of what an ideal situation could look like and having remedied this problem before for other clubs, knew exactly what would resonate with the team.

The Solution

  • Implementation of Sales Cloud tailored for the sports sector 
  • Einstein Activity capture
  • Sports-specific reporting automation
  • Custom revenue tracker
  • Work with all key stakeholders
  • Close ongoing relationship with the club

The Results

  • A system aligned to their business process
  • A central hub for the completion of all daily business tasks
  • A highly streamlined leads, sales funnel
  • Automatic data sharing, task logging and reminder settings
  • Improved and insightful data quality meaning greater confidence in reported figures and forecasts
  • Visual dashboards that clearly show the delivery status of assets within a contract
“From the first conversation I had with the guys at Art of Cloud it was clear that they had a deep understanding of the sports sector and they quickly determined how we could maximise our use of Salesforce to help us achieve even more. “With their help we’ve drastically reduced our administrative load, allowing us to spend more time where it matters, focussing on the needs of our customers.”