Omniplex are creators of an innovative eLearning platform, offering effective and intuitive online learning experiences. Bringing learning to life with content development services, training, consulting and software as well as additional solutions. 

The Challenge

Following the successful completion of a major private equity deal Omniplex planned to 3x EBIDTA, however, the stagnant, 10 year old Salesforce org caused users to muddle through without a single source of truth, low confidence in reports, and excessive manual processes. 

To achieve the planned growth a thorough overhaul of Omniplex’s existing Salesforce was required.

The Solution

  • Health Check & Success Plan
  • Review of Sales Cloud, CPQ, Integrations, Managed Packages, Custom Config
  • Improvements to Lead Management, Opportunity, Quote & Contract Management, Account Management and Activity Management 
  • Clean up and removal of redundant packages
  • Continuous improvement through Managed Service

The Results

  • Increased User Adoption 
  • Improved Data Hygiene 
  • SKU Consolidation – 90% simplification of Products
  • Hours per week per user saved 
  • Single source of truth 
It has been quite the journey in the last 6 months, yesterday we successfully 're-launched' our Salesforce instance. 'Building a Ferrari 🏎 from a Ford 🚗 whilst driving on the motorway' was the objective. A huge thank you to David Massey and the Art of Cloud team who have been instrumental in helping us completely reconfigure our way of working to maximise efficiencies and help our brilliant Finance, Sales and Customer Success Teams achieve our ambitious goals for the year!