Viddyoze: Laying the foundations for rapid success

If your videos fail to grab attention, your business loses out.

It’s clear that video animation adds a layer of professionalism and attention grabbing prowess that a plain video simply wouldn’t have.

The problem is that creating video animations for your video marketing efforts is difficult, time consuming & technically complex… enter Viddyoze.

The Challenge

Visibility was the main problem for Viddyoze. They knew they were doing well but they didn’t know WHY they were doing well. They were tracking and analysing their performance on excel sheets which was a very manual process and quite error prone. Viddyoze had obtained a decent client base of SME’s but wanted to hit the Enterprise market. In order to do this, they needed some proper process in place to ensure success.

The Solution

  • Art of Cloud SuperStart for Sales
  • Art of Cloud Managed Service
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Integration workshops
  • Creation of individual and team Dashboards & Reports
  • Full lifecycle tracking of Lead to closed opportunity
  • Office 365/Salesforce email integration

The Results

  • By importing cleaned data, Viddyoze realised they HAD some enterprise clients when they created the reports
  • Increased productivity and visibility per Sales person
  • Reports that generated at the click of a button
  • Dashboards created to display historic and current performance
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Increased collaboration
  • Seamless integration with Zendesk
"We used Art of Cloud for the discovery, creation, and implementation of our platform. It was a very smooth and collaborative approach taken by AoC, and then it has been great that the team has stayed close by to help with the bedding in of the tool and all its nuances. I would recommend AoC and the team to anyone who wants an agile, skilled and creative team that knows how to get the best from what can be a complex system."