We’re over half way into January and we’re wondering how many resolutions around the world have been already broken or postponed until next year’s ‘new year new me’ push.

Is it that some of our goals are far too much of a stretch? Are we trying to do too much at once? Are we just all doomed to fail at these New Year’s resolutions each year?

Only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions

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Resolutions can certainly feel daunting and we often put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed, leading to a failure at hitting our goals.

But, at Art of Cloud, we don’t think that resolutions are doomed to fail. Most of the time, it can be down to a lack of planning, little accountability, and no support network! After all, dry January is certainly tougher when we have friends encouraging us to go down to the pub, and Veganuary is bound to be harder for those who have colleagues who pop to KFC at lunchtime.

So, we’re here to save the day (kind of) with the ultimate list of apps (and tech) to help you turn your resolutions into your regular, full-time lifestyle choices.

Why? Well, we’re a tech business. We love tech. We love success. What better January blog for us to do than how tech can help us reach our goals?

Whether you’re planning to put yourself through a physically challenging RED January, need to save up some money, want to get into daily meditation, or just wanting to find ways to lead a more ethical lifestyle, here are some kickass apps to keep you on track.

Apps for your fitness and health goals

Sometimes all we need is to have a little nudge out of the door, or you can even stay in and have a workout spoken out to you!

Apps to help you manage your money

We’re pretty glad there are some apps out there to help people save money, get out of debt, and manage finances a little better.

Apps to kickstart your productivity

As a start-up business ourselves, we do not underestimate the value of having support and extra knowledge, be it an online coach or a way to organise your to do list.

Apps for mental health and mindfulness 

It’s often easy us to say we’re going to take ten minutes out of our day to relax or meditate. Doing it, consistently, however, can be difficult.

 Apps to help you

save the world 

Well, they might not help you actually save the world *superhero* style. But we know that it’s important for us to do our bit, as individuals and as businesses. It’s good to know there are some apps out there to help us all live a little more ethically.

And here are three of our own Art of Cloud tips when it comes to hitting goals:

Small, manageable goals

Set yourself small, manageable objectives. You may decide to work on your goals in two week sprints, or over the course of a month. Break your big dream down into manageable chunks. And don’t just wait until January! Always set yourself goals!

Faff less

Yes, we know it’s obvious. But there’s a fine line between planning and over-planning/ procrastinating. Get the plan down and then just go for it.

Try not to feel the pressure

We must succeed. We must hit our goals. Everything we do should be perfect.
The truth is that many of us are worried about getting judged and are scared of failing. This fear often leads to inaction – to us not even trying to reach our goals. It’s time to let go of worrying about what people are going to think.

With all this in mind, and all of these apps on your side, we can’t see how you won’t hit your New Year (or any time) goals or resolutions.

Let us know on Twitter  (@Art_Of_Cloud) if any of these have helped you!