Meet the guys and girls who will be working on your Salesforce project

During your Salesforce project, you’ll be speaking and meeting with these people a lot. Their mission is to understand you and your business to ensure they implement a system that delivers excellent ROI. We think it’s important you understand a little bit about our team too. 

You can view some of the successful projects these guys have worked on here

Ben Stevenson

CEO & Co-Founder

“Been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 10 years with over 15 years of Sales experience. I posess Sales Cloud, Pardot and Admin certifications. If you need to know how to design a simple and effective ‘lead-to-deal’ process then I’m your man.”

Liz Rhodes


I’m Liz and I’ve been working in the IT world since 2000, including Operations and Test Management and began working in Salesforce over 5 years ago. My passions are my family, wild swimming and AoC team success. I spend my days driving the projects and teams forwards to deliver the best solutions possible.  Making it happen is what I do best.

Michael Fleming Salesforce Consultant

CTO & Co-Founder

I have the technical ability to design a Salesforce system that will revolutionise any organisation and I can do while dangling on the side of a cliff on a tiny rope. Test me!

Jack Holdsworth

Sales Manager

I’ve been in the Salesforce ecosystem over 5 years. Fuelled by a passion for technology (and a lot of coffee) I now work closely with our customers to scope and design solutions that ensure they get the best return on their investment in Salesforce.

Michael Art of Cloud

Account Executive

“My focus within the team is to speak to prospective Salesforce/AoC customers to figure out how Salesforce will help benefit their businesses. 

In my spare time, I enjoy fitness and have previously swum competitively as well as completed numerous charity challenges including the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Admittedly I am also very up for a great meal and a few drinks!”

Liz Ray

Customer Success Manager

“Hi, I’m Liz! I’m Art of Cloud’s Customer Success Manager. I have over 15 years of experience in face-to-face customer service roles. I lived in Las Vegas for over 3 years with my husband (who has just retired from the US Air Force) but we recently returned to the UK to spend time with family.

My interests outside of work are horse riding, hanging out with my 6-year-old niece and retail therapy!”

Dean De-Viell

Salesforce Consultant

“I have been using Salesforce for 15 years, starting out as a user and moving into system administration and then consulting. I truly believe with the right mindset Salesforce can transform businesses and I enjoy being part of that.

I’m an avid gamer, sci-fi & technology geek and am already teaching my daughters about The Force and how to power slide in Mario Kart.

I love watching NFL despite my team the Detroit Lions being a bit rubbish. Why Detroit you ask? I’m a child of the 80’s so blame Alex Foley and Robocop for that decision.”

Salesforce Consultant

I’m Dave, I’ve been in the Sales and Service industry for over 15 years, during which time I’ve experienced the best and worst systems. Once I discovered Salesforce, I quickly recognised its power and the potential to raise your company to the next level and further. I hold 8 Salesforce Certifications across the majority of Salesforce products and meaning I’m in a great position to help guide you to maximise your return on investment when implementing Salesforce. My number one rule… Keep It Simple!”

MC Art of Cloud

I’m a Financial Systems Consultant at Art of Cloud, assisting clients with the implementation of FinancialForce. I started my career in the banking/financial services industry and ended up in IT. I have worked in the service and support industry for almost 30 years and have over 5 years experience with ERP software. I am a Certified Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Builder.

Of all the wildlife experiences I have had, the most memorable one was “spotting” a Leopard in the mountains of Mpumalanga (South Africa).

Steve Huddleston

Salesforce Developer/Consultant

Hi, I’m Steve, a Salesforce Developer/Consultant at AoC. I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years and with Salesforce configuration and development for most of that time. I’m a self-confessed comic book geek and a ‘wanna be’ superhero. So if you need anything Salesforce related then I’m your Superman!!

Carl Mortimer

Marketing Automation Specialist

Hello, I’m Carl, marketing automation specialist at Art of Cloud, data nerd and coffee lover. I spent 8 years in sales before jumping the fence into consulting where I can use my experience of the lead to revenue process to help clients break down those sales to marketing walls and help my clients fire on all cylinders. I hope to help you do the same!

Matt Jones

Salesforce Developer

Hey I’m Matt, Salesforce Developer at Art of Cloud. I graduated with a first at Newcastle Uni doing computer science. I’m also a certified Salesforce Admin. Development is in my blood. When all else fails I’m the one-stop shop for getting things created and fixed!

Dylan Stainthorpe

Salesforce Developer

Hi I’m Dylan, I joined Art of Cloud with little knowledge of Salesforce and now am a Certified Salesforce Admin with a lot of experience with the full consultancy cycle. With a degree in computer science (and enough coffee) I am able to fix any problem you might be having! In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and have been known to harvest potatoes

Harry Wilson

Salesforce Consultant

“I’ve been in the Salesforce ecosystem for 5 years creating Content and Training. As a Certified Consultant, I have a keen focus on sports gaming and esport. My interests outside of work are anything to do with football and motorsport.”

Anna Whiteley

Salesforce Apprentice

“I’m choosing to learn Salesforce instead of going to University. Day to day I assist and shadow the senior consultants on projects and I’m loving every second.

For fun, I ride horses and I’m also learning to drive lorries (because why not).

My ‘dark secret’ is that I’m a black belt in Karate.”