Sponsorship Management Tool

Finding a sponsor using Sales Cloud is easy when Art of Cloud have applied their industry knowledge to get you up and running with a tailored system.

KEEPING that sponsor engaged throughout the duration of the contract and illustrating the value to ensure renewal is a different ball game entirely.

Built to help sports teams source and retain valuable sponsors. The tool allows full cycle management of a sponsor from initial conversation to renewal.

A full analytics suite allows users to keep the sponsor updated on their available inventory and communicate with the users in real-time using a self-service portal.

Integrations with peripheral ticketing systems is a given but it’s better we show you how that works

Sponsorship Management Tool
Accurate usage data at your fingertips
- Contracted vs available rights
- Available inventory for quote construction
- Data visualisation surfaced to the sponsor and internal teams
No more spreadsheets
- Drastically improved data accuracy
- Decreased admin time associated with maintenance of multiple sheets
- Centralised and 360 degree view of a sponsor
Automated Integrations
- With Gmail/Outlook for activity tracking
- With finance tools for automatic billing
- With e-signature tools for sending out contracts and HoT's
- With ticketing systems to allow self-service for sponsors
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