Salesforce Xero

Xero to Salesforce Integration

Exemplifying our mantra of “plain talking” this clever piece of kit does exactly what it says on the tin… It connects Xero to Salesforce.

The reason we created this tool was to eliminate the admin burden associated with manually passing data between your Sales/Service and finance teams. 

You can click through to get a full explanation of what the tool does but loosely it: 

– Automates the flow of data between Xero and Salesforce in a bi-directional manner

– Allows triggers for the passing of data to be fully configured

– Eliminates human intervention as well as re-keying errors

Xero Connector
Real-time Synchronisation
- Xero Contacts
- Salesforce Accounts
- Invoices
- Payments & Credit Notes
- Automatic creation of contacts in Xero when an invoice is created
- Automatic creation of invoices from either Opportunities, Orders or Custom Objects
Suite of helpful wizards to guide
- Invoice approval
- Voiding an invoice
- Creating Credit Notes
- Editing line items and due dates
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