Salesforce Pardot Spring ‘22 Release

Salesforce has recently announced the release date of the Spring ‘22 features with  full release notes. As some of these functionalities will affect all users immediately, come Spring ‘22 we highly recommend you brief your users on these changes. So to help you prepare, let’s dive into some of our favourite Salesforce, Pardot and Analytic enhancements that are coming soon!

Multi-Factor Authentication

Let’s start with security enhancement!

You may have already activated Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), but as part of the Spring ‘22 releases, Salesforce customers have until February 1st 2022 to ensure MFA is turned on directly in Salesforce, or single sign-on (SSO) logins to Salesforce products like Pardot is enabled. This feature requires administration set up so spend the next few weeks making sure it’s rolled out correctly and users are aware of the process.

MFA is a contractual requirement available at no extra cost and will make sure you are safeguarding access to your Salesforce user accounts!

To set up MFA from Salesforce Lightning Experience access the ‘Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant’ from Setup > Quick Find box > enter MFA.

The helpful assistant will walk you through all recommended steps in a checklist format so you can be confident you are boosting security for account access.

Art of Cloud MFA

Einstein Search

Within the Spring ‘22 release there are again enhancements to Einstein Search which is super exciting for users to get more out of the AI-driven feature in Salesforce. The features include:

    1. Natural Language Search with Tasks
      Users can now easily enter Natural Language Search queries for task objects in the search box, for example ‘my tasks this week’ and Einstein Search will quickly evaluate the query and find matching records!
    2. Adjust Natural Language Search Results (Pilot)
      Whilst Einstein Search will interpret the Natural Language Search query, it could sometimes come up with a broad range of search results. This feature will allow users to change how the query has been interpreted by selecting filters that appear at the top of the search results page!
    3. Profile images appear in preview for you to distinguish similarly named users or groups.

      For any records that support profile images, instant results and record previews will now show the profile image next to the associated record!

      Top tip from Salesforce, if you enable social accounts, contacts and leads for Twitter, your users can also see profile images or you can enable account logos to replace logos that come from their social profile.

    Salesforce Data Pipelines and Tableau CRM  

    This enhancement is for users with both a Tableau CRM and a Data Pipelines licence. Previously you’d have had to recreate Tableau CRM recipes in Data Pipelines in order to generate the same dataset. Now, with this feature, you can use either product’s datasets as inputs when building recipes to avoid recreating in both instances!

    This is available in Tableau CRM Lightning Experience when using the new Data Manager (Beta) which will further help users manage the product associated with recipes and datasets.

    Data Manager

    Einstein Engagement Frequency
    Available to Pardot Advanced and Premium editions with Salesforce Pro, Unlimited or Enterprise – Einstein Engagement Frequency can now be enabled in Marketing Setup. This feature will scan prospects engagement behaviours to predict optimal send frequency!

    Pardot users can then use the frequency category prospect field in segmentation rules, list criteria and even criteria in Engagement Studio Programs!

    I’m really excited to see this feature used to reduce potential email fatigue in email campaigns!

    Segmentation Rules

    Pardot’s Email Metrics changes

    As part of the release there are three key updates to Pardot’s emails:

      • Metrics Guard Filtering

      If you frequently send out marketing emails via Pardot, you will know the frustration of bot-click activity. Well, thanks to Metrics Guard Filtering, these should reduce. This new feature on Pardot emails will now look for high open click activity against a threshold.

      Once the threshold has been met for open click activity, Pardot will stop recording activity for those IPs until it drops to the threshold again.

      A nifty feature available to all Pardot editions to help users accurately report on email engagement! 

      • The Sender field has been changed in B2BMA Email Templates Dataset 

      In the B2BMA app in Analytics Studio we have the email template dataset. If you are familiar with this dataset you may have noticed that the Sender field is often blank because a sender hierarchy is common on email templates.
      This feature became available just before the end of 2021 and it means the field will now store a static email address saved as the last sender option.

      • Retroactive Visitor Filters 

      Available in all Pardot editions, users can now create a visitor filter or even edit an existing one and Pardot will filter future activities from visitors who became associated with the IP address up to 90 days before the filter was created!

      2022 is looking like an exciting year ahead! If you have any questions head here to see how Art of Cloud can help you with Salesforce and Pardot.