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The huge amount of time we spend using mobile apps is barely thought of, we tap on our favourite icons and away we go, without so much as a nod of recognition to the power and design that has gone into it. However, in our experience here at Art of Cloud, we find that apps are too often considered as pieces of software that are for personal use – think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al. However, for businesses, apps can be truly transformative, you only have to look at Salesforce’s app exchange to know that commercial applications feature everywhere. 

Sometimes though, even the best app designers, developers and programming genius’ can only create an app that goes so far. There may come a time where your business needs to undergo its own programme of app development to create a mobile application platform that is bespoke to you, your employees and your ways of working. With the help of Salesforce Platform and our top Salesforce consultants, who have over 40 certifications between them, we can help guide you through the Salesforce application development process so, by the end of it, you’ll have a range of custom apps that can help empower your teams and grow your company.

If you’re based in Leeds or anywhere else across the M62 Tech Corridor and want to get more out of your existing Salesforce Platform, implement a new Salesforce architecture or you need help with Salesforce app development or want to create something truly unique to your business then please get in touch for a chat with the team here at Art of Cloud today. We’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

What Is Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce Platform is custom app development software which allows you to create a range of mobile apps that can increase the connectivity of your employees, increase productivity because there are tools available to speed up projects and it allows your business to offer a seamless user experience using clicks or coding. 

The kind of empowerment that Salesforce Platform offers can speed up projects, and offer teams new tools, and solutions, to age-old problems such as effective data capture, and secure payment features. The great thing about this software design tool is that it is already plugged into your existing Salesforce architecture. So, if you have Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Pardot, Platform will pull all that hard-earned customer data and embed it into the programming from the off so there is no need to input it before, or just after, you go live.

No one understands your business as you do, and, as it grows, the need to scale up your mobile applications, and other platforms, using a range of AI features, will increase. Salesforce Platform Salesforce Platform can help you boost growth and productivity all while seamlessly integrating once disparate systems and data sources.

This kind of programming framework can speed up the app development lifecycle by 50%, on average, because the entire DevOps process is simplified and housed inside one framework, allowing employees to become developers faster, because they are not dealing with complicated procedures.

Here at Art of Cloud, we know the incredible power that custom app development can have on business functions and user experience which is why we can help you implement your Platform architecture so you have the correct range of functions and options to create high-quality apps that can help your company reach its goals, be that a greater experience for the user or to increase the level of communication, feedback and knowledge shared by employees.

Benefits Of Custom App Development Software

App design programming frameworks for iOS and Android like the one you’ll find on Salesforce Platform comes with a whole host of benefits and effective solutions. What follows are three of the most prominent range of features that these cost-effective, user-friendly app builder platforms often have.

Greater Efficiency  The custom software you create for your app, its interface and back-end coding is just that, custom to you! Any decision you make about coding, app design or programming is done with your business’s goals in mind. You can use programming to create an app framework that is unique to you, reducing the need for you to use multiple iOS or Android apps. Further, the app designs are built to your working style which enhances efficiency, productivity and overall ROI.

Specialist Security Features – Programming a custom app using clicks or coding means that bespoke security is built into the framework and functions. During programming and coding, you can ensure security features and goals will be taken care of. From a reputational standpoint, showcasing that security is paramount to both employees and users devices will give them peace of mind and show that you’re a company or organisation that takes customer security seriously and is willing to invest in custom app builders to meet these security demands.

Greater Experience For Users – A fantastic user experience can stay with a customer for days after they have finished interacting with your app. Custom app developments allow you to dedicate time to complete a user experience journey that is unlike anything in your industry. Use programming to create a bespoke step-by-step process to allow people to sail through their user journey which will help boost sales and grow revenue.

Other Exciting Benefits

– Meet Industry-Specific Compliance Requirements – If you work in an industry that has stringent requirements or laws, you can simply create an app that ensures compliance with them.
– Perfect For A Small Budget – Buying a so-called ‘Off the Shelf’ package, often comes with a hefty annual charge, or license fee, by making your own you can avoid these costs, and create an app that is suitable for your needs.
– Ensure Your App Works The Way You Want It To, Forever – Don’t rely on software that is built, and updated, by a third party. Instead, take control of your app, and rest assured, knowing it will always work the way you want it to.

How Our Salesforce Consultants Can Help You With Your Application Development

From the minute you reach out to our top Salesforce consultants you’ll soon see what a difference working with a Salesforce consultancy can have on your business. We’ll listen to your business requirements and work to understand how custom app programming can help you. Once that has been established our Salesforce consultants will work to implement Platform architecture that has all the appropriate functions and levels so that you feel empowered with knowledge and confidence to become a creator of app interfaces, using clicks or code, that are bespoke to your business’s style or brand.

Alternatively, if you already have Salesforce Platform in place but have hit a wall and are unable to maximise its potential and aren’t seeing the ROI you had hoped for, our Salesforce application development team can help with their ‘Health Check’ service. Much like an MOT, this service will comb through your existing Platform infrastructure and find inefficiencies in the programming and implement bespoke options to raise the overall level of productivity which can be achieved by this programme. After we have gone through this process you’ll have a working Salesforce Platform which is optimised, up-to-date and ready to be used by your teams.

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So, if you’re interested in what Salesforce Platform can do for you and want to work alongside a consultancy firm who are experts in this field then be sure to get in touch with us for a chat today.

Our home is the great city of Leeds and while our Salesforce Consultants love working locally and helping businesses in the city centre and the surrounding areas, we have helped people across the UK, Europe and Worldwide such as ContractPodAiIndie Brands and Viddyoze as well as many others across the country. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat about Salesforce Platform – we’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.