Art Of Cloud's Salesforce Health Check Service

When it comes to a huge, all-encompassing service such as Salesforce, and its associated applications, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot, you want to ensure that it’s fulfilling its purposes, providing you with customer insights, and generally just helping your company with its day-to-day processes. 

However, in our experience at Art of Cloud, there are a lot of businesses out there that may not fully recognise the need for constant, thorough analysis of their Salesforce architecture to ensure it is optimised, up-to-date and working for them. 

Any Salesforce solution should be treated as a living, breathing entity of the business, and one that needs looking after in order to provide you with the insights you need to help run your company. Here at Art of Cloud, we know this more than most, which is why we offer our clients a Health Check service. This service involves our team of experts using comprehensive technical analysis and processes to make sure your Salesforce is updated, devoid of old data and has all the correct, up-to-date, features.

If you’re based in Leeds, or anywhere else across the M62 Tech Corridor, and think that your Salesforce architecture is in need of a health check, then please get in touch for a chat with the team here at Art of Cloud today. We’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

What Is Our Salesforce Health Check Service?

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So, you bought Salesforce a few months or years ago, ensured you had the right package of solutions, and made sure the settings were relevant to your business, at that time. You enjoyed getting the customer insights and loved how it was able to help you offer better services to your company employees, and clients. But, over time, other business priorities took precedence, new projects arose and teams and priorities changed. This changing company landscape meant the inputting data, tweaking settings and updating new client information were neglected.

All this has the cumulative effect of damaging your Salesforce architecture and stops it from being the powerful solution that it was when it was first introduced into your company.

This is where our Health Check Service comes in. Our experts will work to understand how Salesforce helps your business and help figure out what problems you are currently facing. We’ll then take that information, combine it with our bespoke solutions and use technical analysis to create a development plan to help you get back on track.

Our experts will use their insights from previous health checks and help you assess the performance of your current Salesforce settings and processes. We’ll create quality benchmarks, to prevent things becoming out of date in the future, and help you discover opportunities for your business or organisation to proactively improve the features you use and the overall technical setup. All of this speeds up product development, strengthens security measures and improves your ability to benefit from marketing automation – a key element of Salesforce.

Suffering From The Following Problems? It Might Be Time For A Health Check

There are several common problems that our clients have faced in the past which indicated they would benefit from having our experts undergo a health check process. If the following examples are familiar to you, why not get in touch with our friendly Salesforce consultants at Art of Cloud?

Users are neglecting Salesforce in favour of doing things 'their own way'

Are you finding that the people in the company that use Salesforce aren’t using it because they think their own way of tracking customer interaction, data and key client context is better? This may be because your systems are unintuitive, are gathering too much information that isn’t relevant, which stops people gleaning insights, or, the actual practice of data entry might be perceived as something unnecessary, and an obstruction to closing deals. A health check can help rejig the Salesforce system and improve user adoption so it is more user friendly, and allows you to develop a 360-degree view of your customers quickly.

Your organisation has outgrown your current Salesforce architecture

If your business has grown rapidly in the time since you implemented Salesforce, firstly, congratulations! Secondly, you may have found that your architecture hasn’t been able to keep up with the expanding business processes, new clients or members of staff. A spring clean will ensure your systems are set up to deal with your new, larger, business requirements.

You find that you're coming across, old, irrelevant customer data

Maybe you have tried to ring a phone number and got through to the wrong person, or, you sent an email to a potential client and it bounced. These inconveniences might be a sign that your data is irrelevant and your Salesforce settings would benefit from a time-bound action plan that helped clean up data so your insights, and technical analysis, are based on fresh, correct, information.

The Salesforce system you use isn't properly integrated with your business processes and systems

If you have found yourself, in recent months, having to manually input data, refer to different systems for information or have to go out of your way to contact a colleague to understand context about a client, then you may have a system set up that isn’t optimised or properly integrated. A health check by our team of experts, will ensure a solid integration and remove the threat of human error, or the need to undergo labour-intensive data input tasks, that provide little ROI.

6 Quickfire Benefits Of Letting Our Experts Carry Out A Salesforce Health Check

  • Increase the ROI on your initial Salesforce investment and maximise its efficiency.
  • Get a full overview of the health and security of your Salesforce setup.
  • Increase user adoption and overall productivity levels.
  • Find quick wins with new Salesforce features.
  • Be made aware of new apps, features or solutions that could further enhance your systems.
  • Work out how Salesforce will help your business in the medium to long-term.
  • Think You Need A Salesforce Health Check? Get In Touch Today

    A thorough health check, carried out by our experts, can set you up for Salesforce success in the long term. Ideal for all businesses, regardless of size, a health check can ensure you can keep up with clients demands, and have peace of mind knowing your settings are tuned and ready to go. From initial consultations, to bespoke solutions, and the final comprehensive report, this kind of technical analysis is all-encompassing and packed with benefits.

    Our home is the great city of Leeds and while our Salesforce Consultants love working locally and helping businesses in the city centre and the surrounding areas, we have helped people across the UK, Europe and Worldwide such as Contract Pod AiIntech WiFi and Sing Gin as well as many others across the country. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat about our health check service – we’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.