Introducing Art of Cloud's Salesforce Health Check Service

We all recognise the importance of Salesforce to our businesses.
Used correctly, it can be an extremely powerful tool, maximising efficiency and ensuring long and short-term success.

Maintaining and auditing your Salesforce architecture is a must – but something many of us neglect.

Carrying out regular health checks – to make sure you’re using the best, most up-to-date version of Salesforce (and associated applications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) – will ensure it continues to meet the needs of you and your teams.

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How does it work?

Our experts will carry out a comprehensive audit of your Salesforce service.
They’ll use the data to identify any pinch points, challenges or inefficiencies, then use our bespoke solutions and technical analysis to create a development plan to help you get back on track.

Over time we’ll begin to build a strong and ongoing audit history for you; using insights from previous health checks to assess current performance.

We’ll create quality benchmarks to ‘check as we go’ and work proactively to identify new opportunities for evolution and growth – helping you make best use of key features and maintaining a trouble-free, technical setup.

All of this will speed up any product development, strengthen security measures and improve your ability to benefit from marketing automation – key elements of the Salesforce service.

How do you know when it's time to check?

The answer is simple – if you don’t feel Salesforce is performing as well as it used to or your settings/data have become outdated, it makes sense to carry out a Health Check.

Maybe you invested in Salesforce some time ago, chose a tailored package of solutions, and make sure settings were relevant to your business, at that time.
You enjoyed receiving customer insights and loved how the platform was able to help you offer better services to employees, and clients.

But over time, new projects arose, and teams and priorities shifted. As a result, inputting data, tweaking settings and updating new client information were neglected – damaging your Salesforce architecture and limiting its effectiveness.

Or perhaps users are neglecting Salesforce protocols in favour of doing things ‘their way’ – tracking customer interaction, data and key client context independently.
This may be because your systems are unintuitive, gather irrelevant data or caught up in clunky and time-consuming data entry processes.

An Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check can help review and improve user adoption to make it more user-friendly, allowing you to develop a 360-degree view of customer needs and profiles.

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Rapid growth can be another reason for systems no longer working well
You may have found your original architecture hasn’t been able to keep up with the expanding business processes, new clients or staff.

An Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check will ensure your system is fit for purpose – now and in the future.

Another common problem is outdated customer data – phone numbers and emails that don’t work or bounce back.

We can set up a time-bound action plan to clean up data, so insights, and technical analysis, are based on fresh, correct information.

Another common problem is that the Salesforce system being used isn’t properly integrated with business processes and systems.

If you have found yourself having to input data manually, refer to different systems for information or have to go out of your way to contact a colleague to understand context about a client, then you may have a system set up that isn’t optimised or properly integrated.

An Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check will ensure a solid integration, removing the threat of human error and the need to undergo labour-intensive data input tasks.

Who is an Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check suitable for?

An Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check is perfect for businesses and Salesforce users of all types and sizes.
Our Salesforce consultants have a strong track history of working with UK-based and global clients, including GHD, Leicester Tigers, Contract Pod Ai, Intech WiFi and Sing Gin.
We’re always happy to chat – so get in touch to find out more about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

Art of Cloud Salesforce Health Check benefits - at a glance

  • Increase ROI on your initial Salesforce investment and maximise efficiency
  • Improve security, thanks to a comprehensive health/safety overview of your set-up
  • Increase user adoption and overall productivity levels
  • Boost efficiency – identify quick wins with new Salesforce apps, features or solutions
  • Enhance strategic planning – find out how Salesforce will help your business in the medium to long-term