Salesforce Service Cloud

Rapidly respond to customer needs on any channel, even from home

It’s no secret that happy customers tend to lead to more successful businesses. In a world of interconnectivity, stiff competition and a more intelligent customer base, it’s never been more important for your business, no matter what industry it operates in, to offer people a more personalised customer journey that makes them feel they are at the heart of your business. Salesforce Service Cloud is part of Salesforce’s Customer Success platform and allows you to deliver exceptional service to every single customer. After using an optimised Service Cloud set-up, businesses report a 22% decrease in support costs, a 35% increase in customer satisfaction and a 26% increase in customer retention.

However, creating a holistic customer experience by breaking down communication silos, allowing your service teams to access information from other areas of the business and gaining a complete understanding of that person, is easier said than done. 

Our cutting edge Salesforce Service Cloud consultancy service will ensure that you have a system set up that allows you to provide high-quality customer support. Our 13 strong staff, with over 40 Salesforce certifications between them, know you have other things to focus on as a business, which is why they’ll ensure all the key Salesforce Service Cloud support processes slot seamlessly into your business operations, allowing you to focus on customer satisfaction, rather than complicated tech issues.

If you’re based in Leeds or anywhere else across the M62 Tech Corridor and want to get more out of your existing Salesforce Cloud, implement a new Salesforce architecture or you need help with service analytics or telephony integration then please get in touch for a chat with the team here at Art of Cloud today. We’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

What Is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a service platform that allows all departments in your business to improve their level of customer experience. Service Cloud can help your customers fix support issues the first time. It provides proactive notifications that let your customers know when there is an issue, allows your employees to gain more insight from their customers and, thanks to tools such as chatbots, gives them the opportunity to answer their own questions.

It is an efficient Omni Channel service which helps your customer service teams work across applications to help improve the customer’s experience which, naturally, will lead to an enhanced reputation and increased satisfaction. Salesforce Service Cloud makes this possible thanks to automation, easier collaboration and cloud technology. 

The wide variety of features on Salesforce Service Cloud such as ‘Case Management’, ‘Service Analytics’ and Omni Channel routing allows it to observe customer engagement and respond to customer issues across any number of social media platforms and mobile apps and funnel them through the user interface to the appropriate team member who can solve the issue quickly and efficiently. This drastically increases customer satisfaction and ensures they remember you for fixing the problem, not causing it.

Salesforce Service Cloud can also integrate several social customer service tools. From support channels such as chatbots, live messaging, Facebook messenger to phone integration, all of which further broaden the ability of businesses to resolve customer problems. For instance, the phone integration aspect means that all calls are logged automatically and, when a client calls your service team, their profile is brought up automatically, providing the person on the phone with the relevant context to help.

Our team here at Art of Cloud can implement a bespoke Salesforce Service Cloud solution into your business so that you can enjoy easy access to this product and focus on improving your service KPIs, confident in the fact that your Salesforce Service Cloud solution is always optimised to your needs.

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If you’re a business that wants a bespoke customer service solution which is proactive, easy-to-use and provides every team member with a complete view of your customers, then get in touch with us here at Art of Cloud today. We can help improve your existing Salesforce Service Cloud infrastructure or help you build one from scratch so that you can support the people that make your business tick. We’re also experienced in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Pardot and can help in these areas too. 

Our home is the great city of Leeds and while our Salesforce Consultants love working locally and helping businesses in the city centre and the surrounding areas, we have helped people across the UK, Europe and Worldwide such as ContactPodAiIndie Brands and Brigantia Partners as well as many other across the country. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat about your Service Cloud architecture – we’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

Salesforce Service Cloud