Standard Case Functionality with Sales Cloud vs Adding Service Cloud

As a Salesforce consultancy, Art of Cloud have worked with many organisations to help them optimise their Salesforce capabilities. We often hear, “What is the difference between standard functionality with Sales Cloud and adding Service Cloud?”

In this blog post I will explore the key differences and help you make an informed decision for your business.

Standard Case Functionality with Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s core CRM product that is designed to help businesses manage their sales processes. Standard case functionality is a feature of Sales Cloud that enables customer service teams to manage cases, track customer issues and provide support to customers. With standard case functionality your customer service team can quickly create cases, assign them to the appropriate team member and track their status through to resolution.

5 Key Features that Service Cloud offers
  1. Milestones: Service Cloud Milestones allows users to track important events or milestones in a customer’s journey, providing a visual representation of the progress and enabling service agents to take appropriate actions based on the milestone’s status.

  2. Unified Platform: Service Cloud provides a single, shared view of the customer across sales and customer service teams, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration.

  3. Knowledge Management: Service Cloud enables organisations to create a centralised knowledge base that can be accessed by service teams and customers alike. This can help reduce resolution times and improve customer satisfaction.

  4. Collaboration Tools: Service Cloud includes various collaboration tools, such as Chatter and Live Agent, enabling teams to work together effectively in real time.

  5. Robust Reporting and Analytics: Service Cloud provides detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling organisations to identify trends and improve their overall customer service strategy.

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In addition, consider exploring other Salesforce products and solutions, such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics. By leveraging these tools organisations can gain deeper insights into their customers, improve team collaboration and ultimately drive business success.

Service Cloud Dashboard

Adding Service Cloud + Key differences

Service Cloud is Salesforce’s customer service platform that is designed to help organisations provide exceptional customer experiences. Adding Service Cloud to your Salesforce org allows you to unify your sales and customer service teams on a single platform. The key difference between standard case functionality with Sales Cloud and adding Service Cloud is the level of functionality and integration that Service Cloud provides.

Salesforce Service Cloud,