Using a Cloud-based CRM like Salesforce really does have a lot of perks, especially for businesses who have people out in the field, and those who need to access data from any place from a range of devices. 

We covered the benefits of a Cloud-based CRM in one of our earlier articles, so in this we’re going to tell you a little more about the game-changer that is the Salesforce mobile app. 

What is the Salesforce Mobile App?

Simply: the Salesforce App is a simplified, customisable version of your CRM, optimised for your phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

The Salesforce App shows you all the data that you can find on your desktop CRM; you can view and generate reports, manage leads and opportunities, collaborate with your team, and more. 

The Salesforce app is free with every Salesforce license; it's cross-platform, and, importantly, it's super easy to set up.

Access customer data from anywhere

Imagine you’re on your way to a meeting with a prospect: you may want to look over the proposal again, or just refamiliarise yourself with the history between their business and yours. You may even be filling in for another Sales Agent, in which case having access to all available data on the go is even more crucial.

The Salesforce App can let you know who your prospect has met or spoken with before, if your company worked with them in the past. You can access notes and attachments, conversations, quotes, and anything else you might need to know for your all important meeting. 

Knowing your customers is important, and the Salesforce App helps you do that effortlessly, whether you’re sat at your desk or on the train, or at the beach (though we don’t recommend working when you’re on holiday – take that time off!)

Customise your app

The Salesforce App is customisable in a number of ways: no company’s CRM looks the same as another’s, and it’s the same with how the app looks for the people who work in your business! Here are a few ways the app can be customised and tailored for your business:

Custom actions

salesforce mobile app art

Allow your team to save time and become more productive with custom actions – reducing long forms and workflows . The Salesforce app can be tailored for unique experiences for the different job roles within your business. You are able to customise the actions that are available to your team of CRM app users. 

Most pages have an action bar at the bottom of the page so, with the tap of a button, you and your team can create records such as leads, registering an event, logging expenses, or anything else you need to do on the go.

Compact Layouts

The Salesforce app can be tailored to show you and your team only the relevant data. Important fields can be put into easy-to-access record headers to help your mobile users get the information they need quickly on the move.


Different people in your team will also need to see different things. You can remove or include different items in the menu depending on job role.

The default navigation menu includes:

Feed (1): If Chatter is enabled, then your feed is here. 

Today (2): The Today app is, in a nutshell, your at-a-glance todo list for the day.

Productivity apps and your org’s pages (3): Notes, task lists, Salesforce events, dashboards and reports, and your company’s custom pages and apps.

Recent (4): The objects that you’ve accessed recently. 

Help (5): Help for the Salesforce app.

In-app notifications

With In-app notifications, you and your team will be able to quickly respond to approval requests, and reply to chatter mentions instantly from within the app. This means that when your team is out in the field they won’t miss any important news. 

This is hugely important for businesses that largely rely on collaborative projects: keeping team conversations within the Salesforce App and CRM also keeps everything neatly in one place for better insights into your team and workflow. 

Work offline with the Salesforce App

You might not always have wifi or 3G, and that’s okay! The Salesforce App has two levels of offline access: caching frequently accessed records, so users can view data while offline, and Offline Edit, so users can create, edit, and delete records while offline. 

Organise your day with Today

The Salesforce App also provides an at-a-glance todo list, consolidating all the items most important to you, such as meetings, tasks and chatter threads you’re involved in. Your day: simplified. 

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