Why is great customer service is important?

Think about the best customer experience you’ve ever had.

Chances are: they knew who you were, they could solve your problem, and provide a solution – fast. Great customer service leaves a lasting impression, and creates customers for life.

How does AI help a business grow?

And how does AI help you give great customer service?

In one of our past articles about the benefits of Service Cloud, we touched upon the importance of Salesforce Einstein and how this specially designed AI system can help build trust between business and customer. 

“The AI built into Service Cloud can recognise recurring complaints and patterns to identify future issues before a customer even knows they’re going to have a problem.”

We wanted to give you an overview into this fascinating and ever-evolving tool and explain in the simplest terms how it can help any business if used properly and effectively. 

But what, exactly, is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

In a nutshell, Salesforce Einstein is AI technology that has been built into the Salesforce platform, developed by Salesforce to increase efficiency, free up customer service agent time, automate reports, identify issues – and more.

Einstein helps businesses understand their customers and potential customers so they can convert more leads and give better customer service. 

Einstein analyses your data and learns from it to generate reports and give you predictions that are unique to your business, customers, and potential customers.

Salesforce Einstein is built into Salesforce products. You don't have to pay extra for it.

A brief overview of what Einstein can do for you within the different Salesforce products.

Einstein in Sales Cloud

Tools like Lead Scoring and Opportunity Insights help you keep an eye on potential leads, prioritising them, and giving insights to help you close those deals.

Activity Capture allows you to skip data entry, keeping your records up to date – freeing up time and increasing productivity.

 Link your calendar and emails to identify new contacts with Automated Contacts.

Einstein in Service Cloud

Einstein’s deep learning applies Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve customer interactions with automated services

You can automate routine service requests, allowing you to respond immediately and gather basic information – freeing up time, improving efficiency and customer experience. 

Intelligent case routing routes cases to the right agent with the right skills, at the right time to give the best possible solution in the customers first interaction.

Predictive models provide agents with smart, contextual solutions directly within the Service Console, giving faster resolution times as well as up-sell opportunities.

Einstein in Marketing Cloud

Use Einstein Vision for Social, which can analyse and classify imagery to find new insights about your business.

  Einstein Recommendations and Einstein Journey Insights work to track consumer journeys and give insights to boost conversion and give your customers and potential customers recommendations about products they’ll love, based on their social activity. 

With Einstein Engagement Scoring, you’ll be able to predict consumer engagement with your email and website and discover what makes them buy, helping you create smarter, more tailored marketing messages. 

Einstein in Community Cloud

Einstein Recommendations ensures your community members can find resources easily, with automated suggestions for the posts and content they’re bound to love based on their activity. Keep your members engaged as Einstein Feed Insights ensures they see the posts and updates that are important to them.

Your community members can also find certified experts with Einstein Experts, meaning that they won’t need to wait around or search for the answers they need. 

There are different AI technologies for the different Salesforce products. After all, Service Cloud Einstein Analytics is developed to help you get a better understanding of your customers, whereas Marketing Cloud Einstein technologies are focused on helping you understand and target your potential customers, working alongside you marketing campaigns. 

Although each product has its own set of AI technologies, optimised for that product, together they work harmoniously to analyse your data and help your business grow. 

Want to learn more about Salesforce Einstein?

There’s more to Einstein than one blog article can give.

Salesforce have a wealth of resources: videos, articles, e-books, FAQs, and more – all about Salesforce Einstein and how it works, as well as plenty of videos on their YouTube channel. 

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