You may have heard about Salesforce Self-Service Communities

But not be 100% sure what they are and if they’re right for your business​. 

In a nutshell, a Salesforce Self-Service community is a platform:

  • where “customers can find answers fast, on their own terms and time frame”Salesforce

  • that means your customers can help themselves as well as each other,  with groups, experts, and knowledge articles
  • where your business can personalise the self-service experience for specific customers based on their activity and interests
  • where customers can easily schedule appointments, and more
  • that is integrated into your existing Salesforce platform
  • with Einstein AI analytics and chatbot integration
  • allows your agents and customer service representatives to see your customer activity for more seamless and personalised customer service

A Self-Service Community is the perfect thing for businesses who:

  • spend a lot of resources on customer service and management 

  • want to free up agents and customer service representatives so they can focus on high priority cases

  • want more analytics and insights into their customers 

  • have customers who can schedule their own appointments and complete other processes that would otherwise need a customer service agent

  • feel their customer base would benefit from accessing a wealth of knowledge articles and experts
  • want to give their customers a more personalised experience without as much person-power

Have a spare 1 minute 17 seconds? Check out this neat summary of Salesforce Self-Service Communities.

How does a Self-Service Community free up your customer service agents?

By creating a place where customers can find the answers themselves

Your Celf-Service Community is built to give customers the answers they need, when they need them, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or at peak customer-service call times!

Your Self-Service Community can be populated with a wealth of knowledge articles, groups, and can even be set up to reward other customers for helping each other! We call these helpful customers customer MVPs.

By allowing your customers to do things like scheduling appointments and paying bills

Some tasks, like creating appointments, making payments, and checking accounts, often take up a lot of your agents time, and can be put off by customers who don’t have the time (or don’t remember) to call.

These things can easily be done online with a self-service portal for your customer, meaning they’re able to do things in their own time when it suits them, and it frees up your agents’ time so they can focus on priority cases.

How do Salesforce Communities allow a better insight into your customers?

By using Artificial Intelligence to analyse and log customer activity

The Salesforce Einstein AI gets to know your customer through their activities on the Self-Service Community, meaning your agents can get a better understanding of what they need and can then provide a much more personalised customer service experience.

By personalising the customer's dashboard based on their activity

Einstein is also invaluable to the customer, as it is able to give a completely personalised experience based on the customer’s profile, interests, and activities. Articles and answers that are relevant to your customer are highlighted, with experts and a chatbot on hand for any extra questions your customer needs to ask.

Create a real sense of community amongst your customers as they help each other

Customers who feel part of a community are more likely to stick around long-term. Why would they want to leave you for a competitor if they have a hub of information and like-minded people at their fingertips?

The Self-Service portal is accessible from any device, so they can always find out what they need or have a chat even whilst they’re on the go.

self service salesforce community

Utilise chatbots when they are needed

There may be times where your customers can’t find what they need in your Self-Service portal, or perhaps they want some clarification. Welcome the self-service chatbots which have AI capabilities and, depending on the needs of the customer, can help answer their question itself or reroute them to one of your agents if needed!

Chatbot integration is that important middle step between the self-service option and your agents, freeing up more time for them to focus on your high priority cases.

The payoffs of investing in a Salesforce Self-Service community

You spend less on your customer service

Many queries and problems that used to take up valuable phone and email time are eliminated as the customers help each other and themselves.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers don’t always want to pick up the phone. In fact, these days most people would rather Google something than call. Empowering your customers to help themselves and each other gives them the ability to work on their own terms, in their own time, and from any device. Voilà, happy customers! 

Community builds community

Having a customer community that is focused on interacting and helping each other is a key factor in keeping customers engaged and invested in your business and the community you’ve build around it.

Your agents can focus on what really matters

Important issues are less likely to fall between the cracks, as they are the things your agents will be most focused on.

Want to know more about Self-Service communities and how we can create one for your business?