2019 was a great year for Art of Cloud, 2020 will be even better.

We’re now all cosily settled into January, with 2019 seeming very far away already. We thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on the last year and do some goal setting for 2020!

2019 was such a brilliant year for us here at Art of Cloud.

We’re in full swing as a growing business (we have officially stopped calling ourselves a start-up now!) 

Our team has grown!

Art of Cloud team photo

We've upsized our office space, twice!

Continuing our work as a Salesforce Partner

In 2018 Art of Cloud became a Salesforce Partner and, throughout the whole of 2019, we threw ourselves fully into some amazing projects, working alongside Salesforce and our clients to deliver some truly great results. 

And we've all decided to share some of our thoughts and reflections about 2019, as well as some goals and hopes for 2020.


Ben Stevenson Art of Cloud

2019 reflections

It’s been an incredible year and we’ve seen the business really pick up pace in line with our ambitious targets. We’ve learned lessons very quickly and every member of the team has put in 110%. We’ve doubled our revenue & headcount as well as tripled the size of our office we’ve laid a superb foundation for continued growth in 2020!

Art of Cloud resolutions for 2020

We need to swallow our own medicine. We implement superb systems and processes for our clients and we need to reflect that internally now.

My personal resolution for 2020



2019 reflections

It’s been a great year for the business as well as the team, we’ve had some great new additions and some really interesting projects. I’m personally getting round to getting some of the architect certs which has been fun so far.

Art of Cloud resolutions for 2020

To look back on the recent projects and make sure to keep on improving the way we’re doing things internally and on projects to make sure our customers receive the best possible experience in working with us!

My personal resolution for 2020

To make lunches to bring in to work and start cycling in a few days a week, there’s such a nice route down the canal, I don’t really have an excuse not to!


Liz Art of Cloud Leeds

2019 reflections

Watching the business grow in all aspects – the cultural growth of the business has been as great as the client base and financial growth; working at a company where the ethos is always about working in everyone’s best interests both for our customers and as a team is refreshing and emboldening and I hope this always remains.

Art of Cloud resolutions for 2020

Take the both the positives and negatives of the last year and apply them to the future; oh and get an office dog!

My personal resolution for 2020

Challenge myself to new adventures- I’ve signed up today to do a triathlon! 


Jack Art of Cloud

2019 reflections

Nearly all of my preconceptions on working for a start-up were radically changed. It’s been a year or growth, change and so much fun.

Art of Cloud resolutions for 2020

Apply lessons learnt in 2019 to drive project success, successful customers and generate awesome case studies!

My personal resolution for 2020

Work harder and raise the bar higher!


Jonathan Fox Dreamforce

2019 reflections

My time at Art of Cloud has been phenomenal. Upon starting in September, I have learnt so much about how to be a successful developer from Max and could not be more grateful. Art of Cloud has given me so many incredibly opportunities such as DF19 and Trailblazer community group, allowing me to grow and develop personally out side of the Military world.

Art of Cloud resolutions for 2020

Gain at least 1x Architect related certification and, upon hiring new staff, develop myself enough to fall into a small mentoring role to help others.

My personal resolution for 2020

Be even more community orientated and host at least 2 more successful user group meets!

Save a life – through mental health support

Help someone transition from military to civilian either by Vetforce or through Veterati

A huge thank you to everybody who supported us in 2019.

Here's to an amazing 2020.
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