We thought we'd give you a peek of the inner workings of the Art of Cloud office on a random Monday in August.

Monday morning, 5th August, 09:00am

Coffee and a catch-up

A perk of having our office in the Round Foundry building is that, every morning, we head downstairs for our fix of free coffee!

We usually take a little extra time whilst pouring our coffee to catch up with each other on any project work, especially after a weekend away from the office. 

At the moment we’re working on a diverse range of projects; we have Service Cloud, Pardot, and Communities implementations as well as our ongoing Sales Cloud start-ups and speaking to new prospects. 

We also all make sure that we’re staying hydrated – everybody in the office has these massive bottles sat on our desks that remind us to drink water throughout the day.

We pop on some work-friendly music (nothing too distracting!) and then get to emails, sales calls, and project work. 


Hydrate and oxygenate

Our office is absolutely full of plants, and we’re pretty proud to say we haven’t lost one yet. And that may be due to our aggressive watering schedule – making sure our plant-y friends are kept just the right amount of drowned. We think that offices with plants are so much more inviting and make the place a much lovelier place to work (all that extra oxygen!)  


Any excuse to be distracted

Well, not really. But this was a very, very important break to take.

There’s absolutely no way that we can see a dog go by the office and not go and say hello. It would just be rude. 

(plus we always make sure the team take breaks from the screen!)


Lunch - and a real break away from the desk

As a start-up, we are pretty busy. And we know how easy it is to get wrapped up in work and forget to take a break. This is why we always insist on time away from the desk.

Sometimes we’ll head over to Northern Monk for a sit-down team lunch (and maybe one drink if we’re celebrating something!) but a lot of the time we head down to one of the nearby cafes for some lunch, and to stretch our legs. 

Today we headed on over to Taste, the local cafe. We’re big fans of Taste – their food is great, and we’re stoked that they’re championing sustainability. The bring-your-own-cup discount is definitely a winner. 


Monday Management Meeting time

Each Monday afternoon, we make sure we have our Monday Management Meeting; we have it on Monday because we like the alliteration.

Just kidding, Monday just feels like the right day for our meeting, as we’re usually refreshed from the weekend and our brains are ready for a productive and strategic chat. Sometimes we’ll have a meeting room booked for a proper sit down, sometimes it’s a desk gathering – depends!

But we are, of course, flexible! Sometimes the meeting can’t happen on a Monday, and that’s fine! We just schedule it in for another time!)

Today’s meeting was particularly exciting – as we have been talking about recruiting! We have been rapidly expanding, with lots of new projects coming onboard, so we’re keeping an eye out for more technical consultants to join the Art of Cloud team!


Heads down, meetings and projects a-go

The post-lunch concentration time. Michael is on a meeting discussing a JIRA integration launch, Ben is on a call with a new prospect, Chris is catching up with Jack on Skype about on some tests for a new Salesforce launch, and Liz is doing some last minute studying for her exam this afternoon.

salesforce consultant


Allocated Salesforce self-development time

Today is a shorter day for everybody but Liz, as she’s spending the late afternoon with the office to herself for some self-learning and exam prep.

The beauty of Salesforce is that, no matter what level you are at, there’s always more you can learn.

At Art of Cloud we know that it’s hugely important for every one of our team members to have allocated time to develop their skills. 

Have Salesforce technical knowledge and fancy working as part of the Art of Cloud team?
Need a flexible and knowledgeable Salesforce Consultancy to help your business with CRM implementation or tailoring?