That’s right, Art of Cloud has moved into a brand new office in the Round Foundry!

Why? Well, we’re growing! We have another addition to our team -
art of cloud chris

Hi, Chris! 👋

And we definitely need some more space as we continue growing!

We are just over a year on from starting this business journey, and – wow – it’s been a busy and exciting 14 months: 3 office spaces, new team members, a lot of typing, a lot of coffee and bagels, so many whiteboards, and some really great client projects.

Starting a business can be a scary thing, No matter how prepared you are

There’s the self-belief, the hard work, hiring the right team members, and trusting yourself to make the best decisions – not just for you, but for the business. There’s uncontrollable circumstances that could make starting up even harder. There are a million and one question marks when it comes to starting your own business.

We wanted to share some of our experiences and some of our tips when it comes to starting a business, as the first year is crucial.

Why did we start a Salesforce Consultancy?

“We just had to go for it because we knew we had the skills and the knowledge to pull it off. We’d have regretted it if we’d have waited and waited and never done anything.”

– Michael

“It’s always been an ambition of mine to be my own boss as well as help other people realise and achieve their potential.” 

– Ben

It’s important to have a good reason to go into business – it’s not something to take lightly. We are both passionate about Salesforce, about helping people, and we are confident that we make a good team!

We’re both finding that we love running Art of Cloud and we have been lucky enough to have chosen a great team who put their whole energy into the business.

It’s natural to have fears before starting a business

The idea of failing is, of course, something you have to consider. It would be foolish not to. It’s natural that we would be worried about failing and not only letting ourselves down but letting our families and coworkers down, too.

But… fear can not be a deciding factor! We acknowledge our fears, talk about things together as a team, and work out any possible solutions even before things could go wrong!

This is great because this is often our approach when we work with clients a lot of the time – we’re always trying to find solutions for a problem that hasn’t even happened yet!

    Choosing the right team is of utmost importance

    We know that every company says this, but we really wouldn’t be anywhere without our dedicated team. Finding the right people, early on, is so important!

    When you’re starting a business you need to build up a team of people who are as invested in the company’s success as you are!

    And that can be a hard thing! We have invested so much of our time and energy into finding the right people for Art of Cloud, and it has paid off – we have an amazing group of people working alongside us, and we will owe them the success of the business, years down the line.

      Start small, and be ambitious

      Coding with Coffee

      They may seem like opposite pieces of advice, but they’re really not! Could we have started in a bigger, fancier office when it was the two of us?

      Yes, but it would have been a waste of money and space.

      In our first few months we worked from a small, two-person office with not enough whiteboard space (and we love our whiteboards!) and then just gradually scaled up our team, our space, and our clients!

      “We go above and beyond for our clients because they are our example to the business world, and because we want them to be successful. Working with their CRM is a key part of their business success, and we feel a lot of responsibility to get it right!” 

      – Michael

          Did we have any doubt we’d be able to pull this off?

          “Not really, I mean there was the original scepticism before we jumped ship but in all honesty, I’m too busy to worry about worrying. I have every faith in the team and consultants around us to go above and beyond to push us forward, and with every step it’s getting much easier. With every new hire, there is more opportunity and less worry.” 

          –  Ben