So, it’s our first ever blog post as a company! Exciting, right?


We’ve been racking our brains for days about what to write for our first blog post. And then, lightbulb moment, we realised we needed to introduce ourselves!


Michael Fleming Salesforce ConsultantBen Stevenson Salesforce Consultant

Michael’s first up, then Ben. We’re Art of Cloud: a brand new Salesforce Consultancy based in Leeds, UK.

Why are we setting up our own business?

Michael: Freedom! I’ve always known that I’d thrive working for myself. And it was only natural to go into business with Ben after the many years we’ve spent working together and bouncing off each other’s strengths.

Ben: I previously ran a business but didn’t own it. I saw the business grow from strength to strength from my hard work and dedication and wanted to do that for myself.


What qualifies us to set up our own Salesforce consultancy?

Michael: I have over 5 years of experience with Salesforce, meaning I’m wholly comfortable working as a Salesforce consultant – implementing and tweaking the software and services to suit a range of clients.

I have a very logical and analytical approach; I enjoy solving any problem that comes my way. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a degree in computer science as well as multiple Salesforce certifications.

Ben: I have over 10 years experience of being a high performing Salesperson and over 5 years of using Salesforce in an end user and admin capacity for a Strategic ISV partner of Salesforce.

I’ve had a very varied career in a myriad of industries. I understand how different businesses work and I love finding a simple solution to a complex problem to make everybody’s lives easier.


What are our biggest strengths?

Michael: I am very, very solution orientated. Give me a problem and I won’t rest until it’s resolved. My ability to look at a problem and understand all of the moving parts means I’m able to think of multiple outcome results to design the best way of solving the issue.

Ben: Well, Michael thinks my positive “can do” attitude is my strongest asset. I don’t understand the term ‘giving up.’ I think I’m good at understanding the end goals of a project and then just getting on with it; I have a strong drive and clear direction which definitely helps in the success of projects!


Other than Salesforce, what else makes us tick?

Michael: I love being in the outdoors. I climb, I hike, and always have my camera with me! I think this love for nature and adventure stems from my family having a place up in the Lake District when I was growing up.

Ben: I have a passion for just about anything that kicks up a bit of adrenaline. I’m also a petrol head at heart and love motorbikes, cars, and anything I can take apart to put back together in a better way. You’ll also find me tearing around the rugby pitch when I get the chance.