This blog is following on from our previous blog post all about how our team member, Jonathan, ended up getting tickets to Dreamforce 2019 as a UK Vetforce Representative.

Fun fact: Vetforce is now called the Military Trailblazers.

Dreamforce: expectation vs. reality

“I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that it was one huge place with lots of Salesforce enthusiasts. I expected it to be a lot of sat around listening to speeches.”

“In reality, It was AMAZING, everywhere you looked there was Dreamforce19 or Trailhead or Salesforce.

Everyone was wearing Salesforce clothing… it was like a mini Salesforce world!

Everyone was so friendly and chatty and helpful. It was a real family Ohana feel. The best part was that so much of it was interactive and actually trying things out at the booths, not all just sat around listening

… and wow, it was HUGE!”

Dreamforce 2019

Does going as a Vetforce Representative change the experience?

“I think there was a lot more structure for me as a Vetforce Representative, as there were mandatory keynotes which were scheduled.

 But that was good as they were important, big announcements and I think could have been easily missed if I was just running around trying to see everything!

 In all of the keynotes, we got a mention and that filled me with pride to be part of such an amazing program and community. We also looked after each other so well and were such a big family team, it felt like being back at unit.”

"My favourite event was 100% the equality festival."

Equality Festival Dreamforce

“It was amazing, seeing all of the Ohana groups, understanding what they all represented and talking to members of the Ohana and how, for example ,Outforce or Boldforce has brought about equality. Also, the Ohana floor is insane! You get a 360 view of San Francisco from the top floor of Salesforce Tower!”

Spending over $200 on Salesforce swag

Dreamforce Swag

“I went totally overboard and ended up with loads of Salesforce swag… like, loads. I actually spent over $200 on swag. It pays to be military as I knew how to pack it all in effectively 😉 but only just…”

Main takeaways from Dreamforce 2019

Jonathan Fox Dreamforce

“This one phrase by Obama: “diversity is not charity” – don’t hire a woman or a homosexual or a black person just to fill the diversity gap in your team or because you feel ‘bad’. Hire them for their experiences, different outlook, and views.”

Advice for those heading to Dreamforce 2020

“Don’t worry, and don’t overplan.

You won’t get to every keynote, session or party… but the majority of them are online.

I would say aim for 1 main thing a day and 100% meet people, talk and network… its hard to meet people day to day so this is a perfect chance.

And enjoy it!”

Are you hoping to be a Vetforce/ Military Trailblazer Representative for Dreamforce 2020?

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