Salesforce Implementation: to go with a Boutique Consultancy or Global Platinum Partner?

As an SME in the UK, whether you’re in need of Salesforce implementation or not, to go with a boutique consultancy or a platinum partner is a question you’re likely asking yourself.

If you’re a Fortune 500 company, with a global presence, it may be wise to go with a platinum partner (and the price tag that comes with it). However, as an SME, this route would likely be a completely mismatch!

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Why SMEs and Boutique Consultancies work so well:

Small teams know your business

They will know you. You’ll likely have a single point of contact, and will easily be able to speak directly to the consultant working on your salesforce configuration, or the designer working on your branding.

Boutique consultants care

As they are built on personal service and genuine, lasting relationships, boutique consultancies won’t be juggling dozens of clients. Because of the personal investment of those working in smaller consultancies, your business needs will be high priority.

Local consultants know your industry

From Leeds to London, the benefit of going to a local boutique consultancy is that they’ll likely have worked with similar businesses in your area with the same roadblocks and problems as yours. The upside of this? They’ll already know how to tackle these issues when they happen with you!

Flexibility for changing SME needs

As SMEs are likely to be affected by small changes in their industry, flexibility is crucial. Smaller consultancies are generally much more flexible, whereas larger companies are usually tied to business plans and KPIs set months or years in advance.

Better, more suited, pricing

Inevitably, Global Platinum Partners come with the associated price tag of their reputation, infrastructure, and large-scale services. If you’re a UK-based business with 1 or 2 offices, investment in services you don’t need is investment you could have put somewhere else. Boutique consultancies have the services and the prices that are tailored to SME needs.

Knowledge: they are just as capable

Smaller pricing shouldn’t mean a drop in expertise or capability.

Boutique consultancies are set-up by the head designers, senior developers, seasoned Salesforce consultants – those at the top of their game. Even Forbes gives a nod to the cloud allowing the rise of digital consultancies and their ability to compete with Blue Chip companies.

Deciding on the perfect Salesforce partner, or any partner, is highly dependant on your business needs. If you’re in need of flexibility, local industry knowledge, and a more personal, caring touch, a boutique consultancy right be the right match.

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