Cloud technology has already made an enormous impact on businesses and employees across the world in the wake of Covid-19.

As a Salesforce partner and consultancy, we are huge believers in the power of Cloud-based technology and how easily accessible and adaptable it is for any business.

Last year we explored the differences between On-premise CRMs and Cloud-based CRMs such as Salesforce.

Here’s a quick summary of what we explored in that article:

“Cloud-based and On-premise CRMs have their perks and their place in different businesses. It all depends how you operate – do you have people out in the field or is your business more centralised? Questions like these really are the important part when you’re deciding if going Cloud-based is better for your business.

Cloud-based CRMs work for agile businesses who need flexibility as well as capability and connection expanding past the office walls.

Have a read of the full piece here. 

The world has changed so much in the last few weeks, with businesses having to adapt to digital and remote working more than ever before.

Our team is now 100% remote and adjusting to a new normal.

More than ever we are appreciative of the fact that Art of Cloud relies on Cloud-based technology, grateful that the Salesforce CRM we implement and tailor for other businesses is the same system we use for ourselves, meaning that we have transitioned almost effortlessly to being fully remote and working from home as a team. 

The benefits of having a team that works remotely

As cloud-based technology keeps growing and innovating, it’s now giving companies more opportunities. Companies can hire top talent regardless of geographies; it’s now possible to employ somebody who lives on a different continent, but still has access to company systems, documents, and procedures.

Employees who work from home or in remote locations, without a cloud-based system, can easily feel a disconnection between themselves and the office; without the cloud it can be hard for managers to observe tasks completed and assess performance.

The cloud gives employees a way to measure their performance by communicating more frequently and efficiently with the organisation, while CRM systems like Salesforce provide live data feedback on company, group and team performance alongside insights into customer activity.

Time tracking, access to company files, shared collaborative documents, team communication systems, and productivity management – the cloud has enhanced the concept of the home office, by enabling workers to call their home office -and, in a post-Covid-19 future, a train, plane or park bench -their desk.


The benefits of having a team that works remotely in the wake of Covid-19

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Cloud technology is enabling businesses to forge ahead in the face of the dramatic working practices forced upon us all. 

Many cloud-based businesses around the world encouraged their employees to stay home and #flattenthecurve before any such government-mandated rules were put in place – just because they were able to make this transition so much more easily then businesses with on-premise CRMs or no Cloud-based systems. 

For many cloud based businesses it is just business as usual.

And cloud-based tech companies are stepping up to help. Companies like Slack, Microsoft, Google, and Zoom are providing free and discounted memberships, products, and resources, especially for small businesses, at this time to allow for easier collaboration.  

“Salesforce is providing a COVID-19 Care Response Solution that provides free access to technology for emergency response teams, care management teams, and health systems responding to the coronavirus pandemic. We have since expanded the solution to aid health insurers, and other healthcare and life sciences organizations that have also been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.”


Going back to the office after Covid-19? It might not be so easy.

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Now, employees are able to repurpose their commute time for more productivity or down-time, many are spending more time with their loved ones in this difficult time and many people, for the first time, are exploring different work patterns and techniques that actually work best for them – realising that perhaps being office-bound Monday-Friday isn’t the perfect way.

“It looks increasingly as if the situation will not ever go back to how it was: many employees for companies who have sent all staff home are already starting to question why they had to go in to the office in the first place.” 

Alex Hearn writing for the Guardian

Cloud computing has its own benefits beyond remote working. see how your business can really benefit

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