One of the best things about being part of the Salesforce network is being close to product development and seeing new tools in action – and this week’s Dreamforce 2023 event has given me lots of ideas, especially around the use of AI, that I can’t wait to share with our clients.

We were given a demo of Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot. And I think it’s safe to say Einstein Copilot – an AI assistant that can be built in to every Salesforce platform – is going to be an absolute game-changer. 

From what I’ve seen, it will supercharge productivity and re-imagine the way we work. 

I wanted to share some early thoughts on where it can be used.

In Sales:

It will help you auto-generate emails, prep for meetings, and automatically update account information and summarise highlights.  

This opens new possibilities to sales people who can now focus on their next interaction, leaving all the time-intensive admin work.

In Service:

You’ll be able to automatically respond to your cases with personalised, relevant answers across any channel. Based on the interaction you have with the customer you can then auto-summarise support cases and create knowledge articles that will help the next agent seamlessly solve their case.

In Commerce:

A step-by-step assistance powered by Einstein Copilot will help you build that compelling, high-converting, digital storefront with just a few clicks. 

No more manual work when creating product descriptions – now this can be generated easily and in multiple languages. 

And goodbye bot-like interactions – thanks to AI’s natural language prompts, you can have a conversation that will help you customise and design e-commerce stores!

By Art of Cloud consultant, Adrianna Dobska


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