A COVID Pandemic and a Salesforce Apprenticeship

We’re all programmed to go down the same path, after school comes university and only then will you get a job. I spent months looking round different universities and writing applications to do something that I wasn’t even excited about.

Boring School

Now, almost a year on from that and I’m part of the service team at Art Of Cloud and I couldn’t be more excited for my future with them. Working with the experts, learning and developing skills that a year ago I didn’t even realise existed. I spend everyday learning from those in the know, learning from experience on and off the job and getting a qualification in the process,  and the best bit… all with no student loans, no tuition fees, and, most importantly, no debt!

Four months ago Art of Cloud offered me the chance to join ‘LDN apprenticeships’, For a unique level 4 Salesforce Consultant Programme.

Contrary to popular belief, Occasionally I have been known to smile...

The apprenticeship requires 20% off the job learning. I get to spend some time each week learning through zoom workshops and then have monthly one-to-one coaching sessions. The rest of my time is spent working, earning and generally being thrown in at the deep end. This gives me a real chance to put my newly learnt skills into practice. My employer and colleagues rely on me to complete tasks and I get regular feedback on my performance, meaning I can develop the skills needed by my employer to progress in my career.

An apprenticeship is a real job in a real workplace, with real responsibilities.

"Learning at the same time as working has improved my confidence in the work environment, and with the support of everyone around me in the office the feeling of being overwhelmed didn't stick around long. The apprenticeship also provides the opportunity to get to know other people in the same boat and although covid means meeting online we are encouraged to connect and communicate between sessions to share stories, advice and generally support each other."

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