The Salesforce Spring ’23 Release is here, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to help you be more productive and efficient. This release includes sales, Service, Experience Cloud, Marketing, and more updates. Let’s dive into what’s new in this release.

  • Account Discovery Leverages the power of CRM Analytics and can be easily accessed from the account list view. Einstein Discovery provides configurable, AI-generated health and upside scores to help identify accounts at risk and those with potential for growth.
Salesforce Spring '23 Release
WhatsApp And Salesforce, Salesforce Spring '23 Release
  • Salesforce Contact Center: Enhanced with the addition of Einstein Conversation Insights and Shift Scheduling. This upgrade allows contact centre leaders to efficiently schedule the appropriate agents to the right channels at the appropriate times. Furthermore, the onboarding process for new agents is made faster and more effective with the provision of coaching and insights, resulting in immediate value.

New Features in the Spring '23 Release!

DevOps Center

The DevOps Center is a new feature that provides a centralised hub for DevOps teams to collaborate and manage their projects. This feature includes an intuitive interface and a set of tools that allow teams to manage their code, build and test pipelines, and track their progress. The DevOps Center provides teams with the ability to collaborate and share knowledge, making it easier to implement changes and resolve issues.

Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects

Dynamic Actions is a new feature that allows administrators to add custom actions to standard objects like Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities. This feature makes it easier to automate business processes and streamline workflows. Dynamic Actions allows administrators to add custom actions to standard objects and provide users with an intuitive interface for performing these actions.

Convert Process to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool

The Migrate to Flow tool is a new feature that makes it easier for administrators to convert processes to flows. With this tool, administrators can quickly convert their processes to flows, making it easier to automate workflows and streamline business processes. The Migrate to Flow tool provides administrators with a step-by-step process for converting their processes to flows, making the process of automation simple.

Bring External Data into Flow without Code

A new feature that allows administrators to bring external data into flows without code. This feature makes it easier to create dynamic flows that can access external data sources, such as databases, APIs, and web services. With this feature, administrators can bring external data into flows and use it to automate business processes and streamline workflows.

Exciting new features in this release include:

Improve case resolution time by using Einstein Search Answers to instantly extract relevant text from knowledge articles. Interact with the answers and quickly copy the link or answer to your clipboard.

Einstein salesforce, Salesforce Spring '23 Release

Use the improved CMS Workflows in CMS Workspaces to create custom workflows for your content items. Approvals, translation requests, and more are easily accessible with just a few clicks. Turn on workflows from Setup by entering Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box, selecting Workflows and Approvals in Enhanced CMS (Beta), and saving changes. Workflows will appear on the content detail page once enabled.

Salesforce Spring '23 Release

Enhance your team’s search capabilities by customising the searchable fields for each user profile in Search Manager. Edit the fields to make them either searchable or not searchable.

Salesforce is improving the calculation process for automatic sharing rules of case objects, resulting in faster org-wide default and account-sharing rule recalculation. Sharing records between accounts and their child case records are now virtual and sharing calculations for related objects can affect account-sharing rule calculation.

Enhance your dashboards by adding rich text, images, logos, diagrams, and even animated GIFs. Explain charts, describe metrics, and clarify tables with contextual text, section titles, and narratives.

Salesforce Spring '23 Release
Salesforce Spring '23 Release

Access UI API-enabled objects with the security settings of the current user through the Salesforce GraphQL API-based GraphQL wire adapter. The Lightning Data Service provides the wire adapter with client-side caching and data management features.

Make your enhanced LWR sites adaptable to your users with Expression-Based Visibility. Show or hide components based on conditions you set using AND/OR logic and user object fields such as User > Manager > Department. Create rules from the new Visibility tab and apply them to your components.

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