Salesforce Managed Service

You concentrate on growing your business, we'll make sure your systems keep up

Chances are, you know the power of Salesforce, and its ability to create 360-degree views of your customers, help you run your business day-to-day and, most importantly, help you close deals. What started as a way for salesmen to focus on selling and achieving business goals, has morphed into a vast range of applications, from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to Pardot, Community Cloud and many more. All of them can essentially help someone run every facet of their business, regardless of the sector or industry in which they operate.

However, as great as Salesforce is, managing it, and keeping it working efficiently, is a full-time job. It requires technical expertise, deployment of applications and a services team that can do this, and more, at a moments notice.

Here at Art of Cloud, we know this can be expensive, which is why we offer two managed service packages – Standard and Premium – that free you up to concentrate on your business growth while our team of experts, and Salesforce consultants, focus on your architecture, ensure it is working properly and provide you with an excellent return on investment. 

If you’re based in Leeds or anywhere else across the M62 Tech Corridor and are interested in a managed service option, then please get in touch for a chat with the team here at Art of Cloud today. We’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.

What Are Salesforce Managed Services?

A Salesforce managed service option, essentially, involves your company outsourcing the labour-intensive, but no less important, Salesforce tasks, and other procedures and jobs, that would usually be done by a full-time employee, to a Salesforce consultancy firm such as Art of Cloud!

In our experience, the customers that get the most out of Salesforce, both in terms of ROI and user adoption, are the ones that treat Salesforce as an arm of their business and nurture it themselves or outsource the cleansing of data, client information and general Salesforce updates to a team of experts.

Here at Art of Cloud, we know that staying on top of all the latest features and functionalities can be difficult, without a specific, focused, group working on it. Our Salesforce managed service will ensure you get the most out of your initial Salesforce implementation investment. By utilising our team, you can focus on business processes and customer success, safe in the knowledge that there is a Salesforce consultancy firm working on improvements.

In general, Salesforce releases three big updates across any given year in spring, summer, and winter. These updates are important to ensure your operation remains optimised but often, businesses neglect to take these seriously and find themselves without out of date software, which affects business operations for a variety of industries.

By letting our managed support service team, certified Salesforce consultants, and developers take control, you’ll never have to worry about these updates, or anything else concerning your Salesforce implementation because an experienced team will do all the issue resolution, user training and ensure basic functions are working correctly.

Here's What You Can Expect From Our Managed Service

As you can see below, we offer two managed support service packages, ‘Standard’ which starts at £400 per month, and ‘Premium’ which begins at around £1000 a month. While the features differ between the two packages, you can expect the same level of Salesforce consultancy expertise across both. What follows is a brief introduction to the monthly fees and features you can expect to get from our experienced team:


Our standard managed service from as little as

  • Annual Health Check
  • Admin and Consultancy
  • Success plan
  • 3rd Party App Troubleshooting


Our premium managed service from as little as

  • Annual Health Check
  • Admin and Consultancy
  • Success Plan
  • Account Manager
  • Integration Support
  • Release Management
  • Development
  • 3rd Party App Troubleshooting

Benefits Of A Managed Service Option

Like with any managed service package, the benefits are plentiful. From lower costs to the fact that you have a team of experts on hand to help you with anything, as part of that monthly fee. If you still need a little more convincing, our Salesforce team have put together a list of other benefits that come with a managed service option from Art of Cloud.

  • Focus on your business – By letting our team get on with the job of managing your Salesforce implementation and architecture, you and your team have time to work on other elements of your business that may have been neglected.
  • Work with experts – Finding, recruiting and hiring an expert to work within your business takes time, costs money and there is no guarantee that the new hire will work well in your business. By using the best Salesforce consultants at Art of Cloud, you can guarantee that you’ll be working with accredited, certified experts with years of experience across a range of disciplines.
  • Enjoy all the benefits, without the drawbacks – Your time with Salesforce should be about closing deals, understanding your customers and empowering your team. Our managed service team, with their range of expertise, will make sure you don’t have to deal with any of the niggly issues that may arise, letting you, and your team, have nothing but a positive experience.
  • Save money – With prices starting at £400 and £1000 a month respectively, opting for a team of consultants, as opposed to an in-house employee, is much cheaper than spending money on salaries, perks, holidays and other benefits.
  • Why Art Of Cloud Is Best Placed To Help You

    Our top Salesforce consultants are ideally placed to help you because between the 13 of them, they have over 40 different Salesforce accreditations covering a range of topics, from sales and marketing to service and consultancy. In addition to these awards, a lot of our team have themselves been salespeople in previous roles and, therefore, know what is needed by your relevant teams to make Salesforce work well for your company.

    We have worked with several businesses across the UK including institutions such as Everton Football Club, this gives us the confidence and faith in our abilities that will translate into a first-rate service, no matter which managed service package you choose.

    Contact Art of Cloud For A Chat Today

    So, if you have Salesforce implemented and are fed up of having to spend your, and your employees, time dealing with the admin and updates that come with this CRM, then get in touch with our experts here at Art of Cloud. We’ll take on everything, so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.

    Our home is the great city of Leeds and while our Salesforce Consultants love working locally and helping businesses in the city centre and the surrounding areas, we have helped people across the UK, Europe and Worldwide such as Brigantia, Viddyoze and the Data Protection People, as well as many other across the country. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat about our managed service option – we’re looking forward to hearing about how we can unlock your business’s full potential.