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You concentrate on growing your business, we'll make sure your systems keep up

Chances are you know the power of Salesforce and its ability to create 360-degree views of your customers, help you run your business day-to-day and, most importantly, help you close deals. What started as a way for salesmen to focus on selling and achieving business goals, has morphed into a vast range of applications, from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud (Pardot), Experience Cloud and many more. Each of them can essentially help someone run every facet of their business, regardless of the sector or industry in which they operate.

As a Salesforce Managed Service provider, Art of Cloud proactively manages Salesforce CRM maintenance and provides a full complete suite of Salesforce management services; including consulting, integration, implementation, architectural customisation and Salesforce support.

However, as great as Salesforce is, managing it, and keeping it working efficiently, is a full-time job. It requires technical expertise, deployment of applications and a services team that can do this and more, at a moment’s notice.

A Salesforce Managed Service option, essentially involves your company outsourcing the labour-intensive, but no less important Salesforce tasks, and other procedures, that would usually be carried out by a full-time employee, to a Salesforce consultancy firm such as Art of Cloud!

In our experience the customers that get the most out of Salesforce, both in terms of ROI and user adoption, are the ones that treat Salesforce as an arm of their business and nurture it themselves or outsource the cleansing of data, client information and general Salesforce updates to a team of experts.

Here at Art of Cloud, we know that staying on top of all the latest features and functionalities can be difficult without a specific, focused, group working on it. Our Salesforce Managed Service will ensure you get the most out of your initial Salesforce implementation investment. By utilising our team, you can focus on business processes and customer success, safe in the knowledge that there is a Salesforce consultancy firm working on improvements.

In general, Salesforce releases three big updates across any given year in spring, summer, and winter. These updates are important to ensure your operation remains optimised but often businesses neglect to take these seriously and find themselves with out of date software, which affects business operations for a variety of industries.

By letting our Managed Support Service Team, certified Salesforce Consultants, and Developers take control, you’ll never have to worry about these updates, or anything else concerning your Salesforce implementation because an experienced team will do all the issue resolution, user training and ensure basic functions are working correctly.

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Why Art Of Cloud Is Best Placed To Help You

Our expert Salesforce Consultants are ideally placed to help you due to their exposure to every product Salesforce offer and a collective experience of over two centuries in the eco-system. In addition to possessing product-specific certifications, most of our consultants began life as end-users, which has allowed them to position systems that they themselves have benefitted from. 

We have worked with over 150 businesses across the UK including institutions such as Everton Football Club, this gives us the confidence and faith in our abilities that will translate into a first-rate service, no matter which managed service package you choose.

We’re also listed on the Salesforce App Exchange  where we’re reviewed by our current, repeating and previous customers then given an overall customer satisfaction rate.

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So, if you have Salesforce implemented and are fed up with having to spend your, and your employees, time dealing with the admin and updates that come with this CRM, then get in touch with our experts at Art of Cloud. We’ll take on everything, so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.

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Target Response Times (TRT’s)

Art of Cloud understands that while KPI’s are important, they do not fully reflect the nature of all requests coming into the system, and some requests have a much higher business and / or financial impact on a client, therefore, Art of Cloud has instituted Target Response Times (TRT’s) that are based on the severity of the issue. TRT’s for Art of Cloud’s 4 Priority classification system and are outlined below for Art of Cloud’s Managed Service. 

Target Response Times (TRT's)