The Importance of Keeping up with Salesforce

It’s been a busy few months for us here at Art of Cloud and, as we’ve been speaking to more and more businesses, we’ve noticed that so many companies have had Salesforce for some time but have not been using it to its full potential. At all.

There have been companies who had Salesforce implemented several years ago and:

  • haven’t configured it to their specific service
  • use it as a data dumping ground
  • haven’t updated it as they’ve altered their business models
  • don’t make use of new features and functionality

whilst Salesforce have rolled out release after release.

Driving business growth with sales

Salesforce is the sales tool which keeps your customers at the heart of everything you do.

As Salesforce acquires new companies and software, it rolls out updates and adds new products throughout the year to continually improve its offering. This means that if you picked up Salesforce several years ago and haven’t changed the way you use it since then, you may not be using it in the most optimal way.

Ongoing change for growing sales

Over time, change will impact your business, from within or through external influences. It’s natural that things like your:

  • Services
  • Business model
  • Staff turnover
  • Customer and audience base

will be subject to alteration as the global economy changes and as digital innovation steams ahead.

Getting ahead of change with business innovation

There’s something to say about the fact that when you’re researching business change and adaptation you are bombarded with examples of failed businesses.

Businesses that fail to adapt quickly enough end up being made obsolete by their digitally innovative successors.

As businesses like Netflix and Spotify adapted their services to the changing needs of entertainment consumerism, other businesses that clung to traditional models were rendered unnecessary and were left in the dust.

Tailoring your Salesforce for ultimate efficiency

Tailoring your Salesforce doesn’t just mean add, add, add.

To create the most streamlined, efficient CRM, your platform needs regular health checks or a roadmap. It needs some processes to be refined and altered.

With Salesforce innovating, acquiring and building new functionality, it’s more important than ever to make room for Salesforce’s ever-expanding set of tools. You may need to take out the unnecessary complexity of a custom built solution that may have been perfectly fit for purpose at the time, but now causes a world of pain.

Your sales staff should know how to use this tool for its maximum impact – your sales drive your business, after all.

In short: Salesforce needs the care and attention that all too often doesn’t get given.

To find out more about our health checks or if you’d like to meet up with us at the 2018 annual Salesforce World Tour on 17th of May in London, get in touch and we’ll set something up.