We talk about the Community of Salesforce a lot on this blog.

We recently done a lot of talking about the importance of community in the world of Salesforce. We have written all about Jonathan’s recent trip to Dreamforce, local networking and community events in Leeds, and we recently reflected on the very first Leeds Trailblazer Community event

On that note – put this in your diaries:

27th February 2020 17:30-20:00

Because that’s when the next Leeds Trailblazer event is happening.

This time the event is being sponsored by the great team at Mason Frank, and there will be demo booths, keynotes, and free beer and pizza!

The key speakers will be Andrew Pick and Matthew Byrne.


Marshalls Mill, The Old Flax Store, Marshall St, LeedsLS11 9YJ

Head to the event page to find out more details on the event.

We mentioned in a past blog about the importance of this group – and the impartial nature we take in it while we support it!

The Trailblazer event, although organised by our consultant Jonathan, is for all members of the Salesforce Community in our area – all consultancies and businesses are welcome! Which is why sponsorship and speaker places for the event is open to all. 


What about Art of Cloud and our own wider community?

What is it like working with the team here at Art of Cloud?

As a consultancy we have built ourselves up on being an approachable team. We’re not faceless consults slaving away on remote projects with a slack message here and there. We work remote, on-site, on video calls – we’re there. We kind of like to see ourselves as an extension of our client’s teams rather than something wholly separate.

Our customers are part of the Art of Cloud community and we want it to feel that way.  

Recently Michael headed down to London to work with long-time customer, Zappi; he has been to and from London a lot to help them with various launches and training. It’s always nice to get away from the desk here in Leeds and explore a different city.

And something happened that perfectly demonstrated our approach to our customers. 

Here’s Michael at the Zappi Crystal Maze team building event. How cool is that?! Michael didn’t quite brag about how great he was so we can only assume he was terrible at it, but the experience he had with the Zappi team, away from desks and work, is the kind of relationship we like to have with our customers. 

At Art of Cloud, we:

  • Value each and every project – big and small, short and long-term. 
  • Become an extension of your team, not some faceless developer
  • Work both remotely and on-site depending on your needs
  • Are professional, with a focus on always delivering our best work
  • Are great fun to work with (promise!)

At Art of Cloud, we know Salesforce.

Salesforce consulting, managed service and support, custom development, and more.

Or give us a call on +44 (0) 113 394 4686.