What is the Salesforce Military Alliance?

And what does it mean that Art of Cloud are now an official partner of the Salesforce Military Alliance?

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At Art of Cloud we are lucky to have Jonathan as part of the team. Jonathan came into the Salesforce world through the Salesforce Military Trailblazers (formerly Vetforce) and, prior to joining the Art of Cloud team, received a lot of support from Salesforce. They helped him gain experience and connects in the Salesforce and, ultimately, that was how we ended up with him on our team as a developer! 

Jonathan is still hugely involved with the Military Trailblazers, heading to Dreamforce last year as a rep, organising events and ensuring that the Salesforce and tech community know about Military Trailblazers and those involved! 

So, what is the Salesforce Military Alliance?

The Salesforce Military Alliance is a workforce development initiative created by Salesforce to prioritise and accelerate the interviewing and hiring of veterans and military spouses across the country for Salesforce ecosystem roles.

Through the Salesforce Military Alliance, Salesforce partners and customers are committed to conducting guaranteed job interviews for all military participants who earn Salesforce certifications.

The goal of the alliance is to create a larger movement to hire more veterans and military spouses into Salesforce ecosystem jobs.

Why is it important?

Veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts. In addition, they can enter the workforce with identifiable and transferable skills, proven in real-world situations.

This background can enhance any organisation’s productivity.

When looking to hire, companies can find reliable candidates with more than just an admin certification, as there is a lot learning and work that goes into those who take part in the Military Trailblazer scheme. 

What does it mean to be a Salesforce Military Alliance Partner? And why have we, at Art of Cloud, decided to be one?

Art of Cloud supports our Armed Forces and those of our country’s allies and wants to help give back by providing a gateway into a stable, rewarding career.

By making this commitment to the Salesforce Military Alliance, Art of Cloud is helping the transition of service leavers and spouses thereof into civilian life.

It fits well with the Art of Cloud team as a veteran or military spouse will identify to our community values and our stance on looking out for each other.

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