VE day is a day celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of WW2 of Nazi Germany’s surrender on Tuesday, 8 May 1945.

Upon the defeat of Germany, celebrations erupted throughout the western world, especially in the UK and North America. More than one million people celebrated in the streets throughout the UK to mark the end of the European part of the war.

“This day is a reminder that by working together with a common goal and trying to instil good in the world, pays off. Working together with passion and good intentions means anything is possible,” Says our resident Military Trailblazer, Jonathan.

“For me, it also reminds me of the Salesforce Military Community and the wider Trailblazer Community Ohana whereby everyone is there to support you through your endeavours to reach those goals to succeed.”

Jonathan Fox

What can we learn from this?

A few years back Salesforce released their 2016 State of Marketing report, brimming with valuable insights into what makes top marketers and sales teams work. Whiles high performers in the report were noted as saying they were ‘extremely satisfied’ with their current outcomes many were far from this. 

Sounds like something we all want, right? 

Who Are the Top Performers?

In the report, Salesforce surveyed B2B, B2C and B2B2C teams from around the world. Shockingly they found that only 18% of those surveyed considered themselves “High Performers”, the vast majority (68%) fell into the “Moderate Performers” pile who were either very satisfied or moderately satisfied with their outcomes. Meaning more work needs to be done, but they’re on the right track

So with that being said, what are the key takeaways that separated the amazing from the mediocre?

Let us use marketing teams as an example.

The Best Marketing Teams are Cohesive, Adaptive and Strategic

That means they don’t just have a plan but have mapped out and are actively monitoring their customer experience journey – a journey that hits every touchpoint of interaction a customer has with their business, from retail to mobile to social and everything in between.

And like their carefully crafted plans, both the software applications, (such as Salesforce, Pardot and Service Cloud) and their own internal teams work together, fluently. They carefully seize on opportunities and together push towards the common goal, while adapting to technology, trends and other indicators supply a continual flow of information to the teams. 

Top marketing teams embrace technology, some might say they are heavily invested in it and for good reason. They are not relegated to some kind of ‘sales silo’ independent of other departments, but rather they use technology to leverage cohesion across multiples departments such as customer service, operations and even executive teams.

This kind of team cohesion isn’t just good teamwork across departments. The upshot is it creates a single customer profile that’s accurate across every stage of the sales cycle. And what’s more, it branches out to feed into and sustain other areas of vital importance to the company and customer too.

So like those amazing groups of people who endured and collaborated to bring about VE Day you too can work as a team across departments to support each other’s journeys and the cohesive whole to win together.

However you are celebrating VE Day this year please stay safe. Here are details on how VE Day is being celebrated this year.