Many people think that the coming of Channel 4 was a real game-changer for the Leeds business and technology scene

but the truth is that Leeds has been rising in the rankings before that was even announced.
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Art of Cloud is proud to call Leeds home.

Our founders are two born and bred in the North, so it only made sense that, last year, Art of Cloud started its business journey in the ever-growing tech hub of Leeds. 

Just over a year ago, Art of Cloud found its first office in Chapel Allerton, big enough for two just starting up. Just over 14 months on and we’ve now long been in our new office at the Round Foundry office building, with our own growing team and surrounded by so many other growing businesses that have decided to call Leeds home, including an encouraging number of brand new tech start-ups!

Digital tech business turnover of £1bn

Since 2013, the digital tech business turnover in Leeds has consistently hit over £1bn a year! We think that is pretty good. It’s also pretty exciting that Leeds has been given 92% for tech sector growth potential, which means that there is still a lot of tech growing that can be done in this city, with many different kinds of expansion easier here than in a lot of other UK cities!

Whenever we look out of our office windows we can see the spaces around us being developed for even more offices, with a business community in mind. We can only imagine how much busier our area of Leeds will be for businesses in just a few year’s time. 

Big names in Leeds tech

Long before the city of Leeds started bidding for the Channel 4’s second headquarters, Leeds was (and still is) home some big names in the digital sector. 

Back in the late 90s, Rockstar Games, famously known for Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, grew in Leeds, joined not too long after by Sky Betting and Gaming, and NHS Digital, as well as a plethora of new tech agencies like twentysix and entrepreneur programmes like SPARK (now the Natwest Accelerator). 

As each year goes by, more and more digital and tech businesses are rising up in Leeds as more and more offices and co-working spaces are created around the city centre, most notably in the old dock areas of the city. 

23,734 digital and tech jobs

It’s estimated that there are over 23 thousand digital and tech jobs, a year, just in Leeds. This includes tech jobs in non-tech businesses as well as freelancers. But still, that is a lot of tech talent in a small city like Leeds! 

And, according to Tech Nation, one of the biggest problems start-ups in the area are facing is actually the lack of supply of highly skilled workers. So maybe Leeds could do with some more digital and tech minded people! 

Leeds is moving up the UK tech city rankings

According to the CBRE UK Tech Cities list which ranks UK cities for their growth and opportunity (excluding London), Leeds has jumped forward 6 places, from 10th in 2017 to 4th in 2018. 

The Leeds Digital Festival is also coming back to the city in less than a week’s time! LDF is now the largest digital festival in the North, with 20,000 attendees last year. During the second week of the 2018 Festival, there were more tech events in Leeds than in San Francisco. 

Now there’s a fact to be proud of. 

What next for Leeds?

We can’t say for certain but we’re sure it’s gonna be big.