And how can we replicate these positives in smaller businesses like our own Salesforce Consultancy?

happy workplace salesforce

There are many reasons why Art of Cloud came to be – why co-founders, Ben and Michael, found themselves in the Salesforce industry. 

Salesforce is a great product. Simply. We believe in its power to help businesses grow; we love how it works, adapts, and pushes ahead of the tech community.

But, also: we saw Salesforce as a business to be reckoned with when it came to doing good. Doing good for the environment, the local community, for its employees, for charities, its partners and the world around it.

And we wanted to be part of that.

Inclusion pays at Salesforce, which has spent $8.7 million over three years to address differences in pay across gender and race. As for wellness? The goals system, V2MOMs (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures), now includes well-being objectives alongside more traditional career mileposts; more than half the ­offices have Mindfulness Zones.

Fortune’s 2019 100 Best Companies

Salesforce made it to #1 in 2018, and #2 this year. They’ve been on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For for 11 years now!

11 years!

Now that’s some consistency that inspires us at Art of Cloud and, we feel like, as we grow, we have a lot to learn from Salesforce about how to create a successful business people truly enjoy working for. 

And it’s not just us: we think that the Salesforce ethics apply to so many other businesses who are growing.

So here are some tips we've picked up from this progressive tech giant:

Celebrate diversity and culture

“Are we making the world a more Equal place?”

“Can you be your authentic self at work?”

“We all have a role to play in Equality”

– Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet

Salesforce thrives on diversity because, well, only with diversity do you get the insights, ideas, and progressive adaptability that sets truly successful businesses ahead of the rest.

And we’re not just talking about success in financial terms, but more about success in building a happy and productive employee culture. 

Salesforce are known for their LGBTQIA+ campaigning, their recognising of minority representation in the workplace, and more. And this isn’t just a new thing the business has picked up because of modern trends, this has been the backbone of the business culture for years.

Invest in the future

Salesforce are constantly ahead of the curve, be it in tech, sustainability, or workplace practices. 

One key thing that stands out and sets Salesforce apart from its contemporaries is their ongoing tech advances when it comes to utilising AI in their products. We only expect that Salesforce Einstein will grow and adapt to be even more of a causal change and influencer in the CRM industry. 

As workplaces and businesses become more progressive, it’s important to not only be reactive and flexible to changes, but to actually be a part in causing those changes. 

Choose to be ethically responsible

salesforce sustainable green leaf

Being ethically responsible as a business used to be a bonus. Many businesses still now will slap on a green initiative to look like they’re trying, but it’s usually pretty transparent and obvious to those who actually value ethics.

What people are really looking out for, especially now, are businesses who have consistently made choices that give back, and that are always working to become more sustainable, whether that means building an eco office or offsetting their carbon footprint. 

For businesses growing in the modern age of climate change realisation: having real, actionable, ethical values isn’t just a bonus, it’s a must. 

Practice transparency

Transparency in partnerships, transparency with your customers and, of course, transparency with your employees. 

Nothing is more important than the trusted relationship we have with our customers, employees, and everyone in our Ohana. We earn the trust of our stakeholders through transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance. We are trusted advisors, and we deliver the most trusted infrastructure in the industry.

– Salesforce

Transparency builds trust, which builds community. 

Value community

salesforce community art of cloud

We’ve read it above – Salesforce see their community, internal and extended, as a family, Ohana. 

By putting such a large emphasis on their community, Salesforce have built something quite special, to the point that we find proud Trailblazers sharing their badges and accomplishments with each other and the world online.

This sense of community is something that’s emulated in their Self-Service Communities product, to help other businesses do the same. 

To build a business is to build a community; it benefits everybody to create a place where people feel connected, proud, and happy to be there.