Like many other companies, Art of Cloud is now working completely remotely, from our homes.

We have actually been working from home for over 2 weeks now; before official guidance came to light we thought it would be best for our team to stay at home.

We are lucky that we already sometimes work remotely, usually one or two team members at a time rather than everybody at once – but it is something we have been able to adjust to really well. Our meeting systems are already in place, our digital communication on Slack and Skype has grown, but not changed too much.

And of course, working with Salesforce – our entire work system is in the Cloud, able to be accessed by all members of our team in a familiar way.

We wonder how difficult it is for other companies not so lucky – who are adjusting, sending out laptops to their team, trying to access information not stored in the Cloud. It’s a difficult time for businesses for a lot of reasons. We hope that our fellow Leeds businesses are doing okay. 

We thought we'd give you an insight into the daily work from home life of our team.

The favourite parts, the worst bits, and a few photos to brighten your day. 


The best part about working from home is never ending supply of GREAT coffee. Yes. That is a carafe of coffee.

The worst part about working from home not having a big whiteboard or lovely team member to bounce ideas off. Collaboration is great and the excitement when someone jumps up to the whiteboard with me never gets old!

Working from home is convenient, cosy and highly productive. I love my work and the ability to crack on without having to catch a train or get stuck in traffic. That being said, it’s hard to beat the warm fuzzy feeling you get when walking into the office to smiles and lots of happy “good mornings!”


I have captured my 4 favourite things about working from home:

1: Wearing my hoodie and pretending I am 15 again

2: Wearing no makeup – my skin is free!

3: My hot water bottle

4: Spending a substantial amount of time with my cats!

Which brings me to the worst part about being at home…

 1: Missing my wonderful AoC colleagues, and…

 2: Realising my cats don’t miss me when I am away at work!

art of cloud work from home amy cat


The best part about working from home is I have a very short commute which means I can get straight into a project – with a large cup of my own home made Green Tea Latte.

And, I also see more of my children which means extended to mid-morning walks together!

The worst thing about working from home is not being amongst the team and office banter. They are more than just people in the office, they’re a great and diverse bunch of people from a personal and professional point of view.

I hope that this change will improve all our lives as we become more agile, efficient with time and appreciate work colleagues. I’m sure many businesses will learn the benefits of cloud computing and 21st century way to do business.

art of cloud work from home david family
art of cloud work from home david


Best part of WFH is getting to see more of my little chipmunk on a morning and help her/spend her morning routine with her!

The worst part of working from home is not having the fluid office chat and lovely environment created by our team.

Clearly, we as a team/company can handle anything thrown at us because we are beating corona virus and not letting it get us down. Virtual office really does help! Go AoC!

art of cloud work from home jon fox


The best thing is not feeling the time pressure of having to do the school run, saving time on the commute, having lunch with my family in the garden on these spring days!

The worst thing about working from home is missing the team, we really are more than just colleagues – being apart makes you appreciate what you have more.

Also… having to make my own coffee rather than nip downstairs – making me realise quite how much I consume!

art of cloud work from home liz leeds


I get 2 hours of “commute time” back every day to repurpose. I have a much nicer view and I have FULL CONTROL over the music!

The worst thing about being at home is that I miss the guys – I find that I don’t laugh as much working from home.

I’m probably going to continue this going forward – I get a lot more done, I eat better, home-cooked food and feel like physically and mentally I’m a lot more healthy as I’m structuring my day well to maximise on opportunities to spend time supporting my family as well as push the business forward.

art of cloud founder work from home ben


I don’t have a commute so I am able to re-purpose that time to go for a short run/ walk nearby!

The worst things about working from home: missing out on being able to spitball ideas with the team at a moments notice, my office chair (soon to be remedied) and not hanging out with the team.

I’m looking at this as a new challenge to be able to overcome and also hoping that this allows for a shift of mindset in a lot of companies once people start to go back to work, remote working allows people who might need to, due to circumstances, more opportunities. Really hoping this helps to make it more of a possibility in future (silver lining).

art of cloud work from home founder michael

We hope you are all staying safe and home.

A huge, huge thank you to all the key workers out there.