Working Mothers, Salesforce and the rise of the Mumtrepreneur​

Mothers with young children still have the lowest employment levels
36% of new mothers feel judged for going back to work
Record numbers of stay at home mothers now run their own businesses
Over 800,000 stay at home mothers run their own firms

Going back to work as a new mother - what’s the big deal?

A report from the EHRC back in 2015 estimated that around 54,000 new mothers were losing their jobs across Britain every year due to being dismissed, made compulsorily redundant or treated so badly they felt they had to quit.

“5 out of 6 of the other mums in my NCT group ended up not going back long term to their career as they were unable to get the balance needed with their employer.”

Salesforce Consultant
Our resident office mum and badass Head of Professional Services, Liz.

“I started my maternity leave the day I had my first daughter, Ruby. Almost 11 years ago now! Lyla followed 2 years later.

I had been an Operations and Test Manager at an IT company for the previous 9 years, I had worked in London and India so the change to being at home was a big one!”

The difficulty of juggling the work/ life balance became apparent very quickly and, whilst it is ever-changing, it continues to be there.”

Free childcare and shared maternity - has it helped?

Whilst the expansion of free childcare and introduction of shared parental leave has shifted the balance a little, mothers with young children still have the lowest employment levels, at 65.1%, whilst the employment rate of fathers with children aged three or four is 93.2%.

It’s clear to see that still, in 2018, the numbers of men with young children working full-time remains a lot less affected by parenthood compared with women.

“Changes have been made in leave since my children were born, with the introduction of shared leave. But many families can’t afford to take the time off.

Every family’s needs are different: some need time, some need money, some need a bit of both. But if we can take away the guilt and stigma associated with maternity leave it would lead to much faster progress when it comes to working parent equality.”

The stigma towards new mothers

Working Mum

New mother stigma is a tough thing to understand if you haven’t felt it. 36% of new mothers admit they felt judged by friends and family for going back to work and, confusingly, 53% also felt judged for claiming benefits.

So, what to do?

“From the people I’ve met, there are very few women who have had children whose career hasn’t been impacted in some way.

Some manage to keep the same role but pay the equivalent of another mortgage in childcare so it impacts the household financially. Some are unable to carry on in their current career for multiple reasons so choose or are forced down another path – this can be they cannot go back to their role, the hours, the travel, the pay versus childcare costs.

But there are resources for new mothers:

“I was really pleased to read about Aviva’s Return to Work initiative – there are hundreds of thousands of women with skills out of the workplace because they may not be able to see a way back in.

This year Aviva have launched a specific initiative to get people back into work, and even specialised recruitment agencies have popped up for this market.”

"The Salesforce ecosystem goes beyond a technology platform: it is a springboard for women's networking and career advancement."

Forging new paths: the rise of the Mumtrepreneur

“The life skills you learn in bringing up children and running a house are transferable. Your career skills might be put on a back burner for a time but they are still there to be picked up again.

Many, many women go on to forge their own path: setting up businesses, taking on franchises, retraining in a different field, following their dreams in a way that wouldn’t have happened had it been easy to stay in the same career.”According to Office for National Statistics, record numbers of women now run their own businesses, leading to the rise of the Mumtrepreneur. Over 800,000 stay at home mothers in Britain now run their own firms!

According to Office for National Statistics, record numbers of women now run their own businesses, leading to the rise of the Mumtrepreneur. Over 800,000 stay at home mothers in Britain now run their own firms!

Changing times: flexible working and Art of Cloud

Times are changing. Flexible working is becoming more common place. The need to be physically sat in front of a manager from 9 – 5 has been replaced by remote working and flexible working hours.

“Art Of Cloud and I met at a perfect time.

I was looking for a new role where I could use my technical, project management and delivery skills in helping a business grow.

As a growing business in our sector, the ability to ramp up as needed is critical so, in return for being able to do school drop off and pick ups most days, I am happy to work when needed.

I could also offer reliability and flexibility so, whilst working core part time hours, I flex as the business demands.

And it’s all in line with my work life balance.”