Developing careers & building successful businesses with Salesforce.

Intoo are an industry leading talent management organisation, committed to coaching, mentoring and career development of your employees with a tailored programme built around the unique needs and challenges of your people.

With offices throughout the US, UK and Italy, Intoo will provide the right tools and an effective program for career enhancement, which ultimately drives business success and releases true potential!

The Challenge

In order to accelerate growth and continue delivering company expectations, Intoo required a system that brought sales and delivery together. The old way of doing things meant the two teams were working on their own spreadsheets, which meant the sales to delivery handover wasn’t as efficient as it should be, wasting time on manual tasks and making it hard for the two teams to work together.

The Solution

  • SalesCloud 
  • Implement a single platform which connects sales and delivery 
  • Improve overall efficiency of the business by automating the sales to delivery handover
  • Provide historical and current sales data 
  • Enable accurate data for reporting
  • Provide an intuitive interface  
  • Implement a system that will enable growth, not hinder it

The Results

  • Single source of truth for tracking all customer engagements 
  • Real-time insight into projects so that Sales can respond to customer queries and identify opportunities. 
  • Real-time insight into the sales process so that Delivery can maximimise customer success
  • Ability to build better, more human, relationships with customers 
  • On-platform Project Management 
  • Real-time Calendar and Email Sync
"Extremely communicative, flexible and a pleasure to work with. The experience with AOC was seamless from start to end of the project. Regular check-ins occurred daily and our consultant Carl Mortimer kept us posted every step of the way always being on hand to jump on a call and run through project elements. We have been left with a solution that gets me and my team away from using over complex spreadsheets which regularly fell over to a solution which ticked all our complex bespoke needs. Thanks Carl and the Team!”