45% Annual revenue growth with Salesforce & Marketing Cloud

Flooder is a disruptive recruitment tech sector player shaking up the hiring industry. Providing job advertising on all major UK job boards for a single fixed fee. Helping businesses grow without the use of traditional recruiters. 

Utilising the Salesforce platform and some fancy bits of integrated technology they have created a system which allows the business to scale at speed without the need to constantly add headcount.

The Challenge

Flooder approached us as a Startup during the conceptual planning stage of their journey and we began work once they had rolled out an initial prototype at the end of a successful first year. They had an idea to create what is essentially a ‘posting engine’ for jobs which would automatically post to all major UK job boards.

Once the adverts received an applicant, the CV needed correctly storing in a back-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to allow Flooders customers to be able to sift through the collection of candidates and easily move forward or eliminate CV’s as they went. 

The Solution

The Results

  • 45% Increase in annual revenue
  • 56% Reduction in admin time involved with processing candidates
  • 39% Reduction in lead-to-cash time
  • Fully automated sales and marketing solution
  • Resources now spend time looking after customers instead of finding new ones
  • The business has doubled their repeat ordering customers as they can now automatically market to them to keep Flooder front of mind
"When Art of Cloud discussed the concept of the system with me I didn’t quite grasp just HOW automated our Sales and Marketing process could become. Once we rolled out the system we saw immediate benefits in admin reduction. Measuring over the course of a year we saw a 45% increase in revenue so the ROI was immense”